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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take my hand, not my life is another anti-abortionist slogan.

Take my hand, not my life is another anti-abortionist slogan.
Republican anti-abortionist road signs are being placed in strategist areas  around the State of North Carolina with a baby and wording that state, "take my hand, not my life".

I don't have no problems with the signs. Choosing life over death is always the Godly way to go. However, what comes to mind is that so much is made about protecting and saving life by the Republicans that I wonder why there is so many homeless and lonely kids needing loving parents and homes in our country.

I think it's very hypocritical of them to whoop and rage over saving lives just to turn their backs on them when they are born and needing a caring home. Instead, they let them go into adoption agencies to stay for years. For some, a home is never found. The burden is put on others and not them.

Since they claim they have so much love and concern for babies lives, so why aren't they adopting those kids they say they love so much. OOOP! Did I say that! I certainly did.

If all the Republicans and Tea Party folks whose always hollering about the life of kids would take an active role in practicing what they preach, then there would be no adoption agencies.
There are enough anti-abortionists out there to shut down adoption agencies if they adopt a baby or larger child.

But we know that will not happen because if it did, there would be no anti-abortionists to make pro-choicer's angry. They need some thing to woof about.

I think they are hypocrites! Think about it!
God bless!
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