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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Real Royal Wedding of Prince Charles, Jesus and Christians

I did not get off into the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as many did. Although I did see bits and pieces of it on every news station I turned to.

This was a grand wedding fit for an English Prince as billions watched from their televisions and millions tweeted their approval.

However, once again I am reminded of another grand wedding soon to take place that will make this one look like a poor kid's thrown together birthday party. I'm speaking of the wedding of King Jesus to the Christians. God keeping his promise to redeem all those who have remained faithful and true.

Obedience and trust is a must in a marriage. God, who has given Jesus away, hold the list of those being invited. He's looking at character, attitudes, behavior, love of each other and He will find only a few worthy to be invited to this special Royal Celebration.

I'm also mindful of all those who will watch Jesus from their homes, ascending  from heaven for the "preparation". The Prophet states, "every eye shall see him and and every tongue shall confess". With Modern technology this will be a breeze to project.  Every eye will see and confess that this truly is the Son of God coming in all his glory and beauty.

Unlike Prince Charles and Kate small guest list of chosen individuals of wealth, God's invitation has gone out all around the world. All it say is, "who soever will let them come". His invitation is to the very lowest, no matter your crime or situation, color or religion, to the very highest.

Can you imagine the glorious celebration of Christians meeting Jesus once again in the flesh, yet immortal, in all of his glory. We, the Christians, who have also taken on immortality, is finally meeting our true love.

Whether here on earth or in Heaven, this will be the largest and final wedding of it's kind ever to be performed. How long the celebration will last is unknown. God has the habit of taking his time. "A year is but a thousand years to him". And there will be a lot of us. Most from the old days. Many today don't believe. Only a "few"."We are getting weaker and wiser" and into our own imagination".

Again! What about those looking on and seeing Jesus arrive for his bride? Well, that is all they will see. Unlike Prince Charles's wedding being watched on television, the Celebration of Christian and Jesus will not be televised. News media cannot follow nor report the event for viewing later on. This time you must be invited.

Those who have whored will remember  this was prophesied to happen one day, but didn't remain faithful. So they all was left behind and not invited to the celebration and the feast of the Lord.

Yes, the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Kate was grand. Every one there felt like gods. No poor people allowed. Only those in high places could come while billions bowed before them at home before their televisions.

But one day, all of us, even the Royal family, Kings of the earth, Presidents and others will bow before Jesus as he is Crown King of Kings and Lords or Lords over all the earth. Think about it.
God bless!

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