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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Church Shootings Stupidity And Lies Of The So-Called False Christian Church…

For Years I have been warning of the false church and those heads of sanctuaries and those that go there are liars and sinners of God. Many times I made every one out to be liars in stupid things they say. Many became so mad that they blocked me out on face book because I called them liars because of their false teaching and believing they have some kind of power from God and that God is doing things for them.

Many times I said that man is supposed to do for himself and God in the end is our Judge. I’ve said that pastors are doing nothing but leading good folks to hell because of lies that God hate.

I’ve spoke of no such thing as the building, called church and God did not dwell in them and you cannot worship God in them and it is no place for protection. “Whew!”

I’ve said there was no such thing as God working through your prayers or faith can and will heal you. No, not even prayer. Why? Because I’ve told you prayer and faith was not for healing or no one would ever die or get sick since most in the United States claim to be Christians.

Guess what? Lying Christians carry health insurance for sickness and pay by the month to keep it active. I guess they really do not believe in their own false teachings of “turning it over to God.”

Well all I’ve said have finally come to roost or finally come to the light and now, you that have challenged me and you that have fled from me is now thinking of me. Everything you tried to make me wrong at is now also being questioned in the media.

The Church shootings are proposing questions these fake ministers, pastors and followers can only give stupid answers to, like, it’s God’s will, God has a purpose, who can question God and so on. Really!!!

These pastors even over thousands of years does not even know nor can they answer why someone walk into a false church and kill people while they are praying God and God, so to speak, let it happen.

On and on I hear nothing but lies from these pastors that struggle to justify a lie for what happen. For that which they cause by not teaching the gospel but used it to rob the people.

Well, here is the truth again to you. 1. The building is not a place of worship. You are (scripture)! 2. God does not live in a house made by hand. (scripture) 3. You are the Temple Of God (scripture). 4. The word can only be housed in you, not a building which make you holy ground (scripture). 5. The crucifixion did away with the old ways of worshiping. Scripture as outlined above. 6. As Christian, we are not given protection in the flesh but judged on how we conduct our lives in the flesh. 7. There are no false altars nor priests standing in between us and Christ.

I hear pastors trying to struggle or make sense why another child died and the other didn’t and the answer was that God must have something for that child or person to do. Not True! Big lie!

We are determined by our acceptance of the word of God and we get it from the written word called the bible. This is our tutor, our blue print to salvation. There is no God down here re-teaching it in in the dark to anyone. We all have a choice to read it and go by it for ourselves.

Now what’s so great about this child or children more than the next person child or love one? What’s so special that the God of the universe would stop all activities in the universe to come rescue one person or persons, your child? For what? Is there an intent to re write the gospel? No! Therefore, this is a lie also.

Here again, if there would have been no gathering in a false church, lying on God, these killing would not have occurred on that day in that location.

Proof of God not dwelling in building has now been seen in churches all over false America and people are so dumb and blind that they can’t see what is truth right before there faces.

Listen and learn! 1. We are protected by the military and government, this is weapons, fighter planes, submarines, nuclear weapons and millions of troops surrounding America not God (true).  2. We are protected by the police to the fact that the police was called and not God. Commonsense. 3. If the church building or your home is burning down you will call the fire department and not God. You may get all foolish and pretend to call God, but it is the fire department you look to show up.

4. Guess who watches over you at night? Is it God or the police that wander the neighborhoods and highways all night? 5. What rescue do you call on in times of hurricanes,  floods and so on. Is it human rescuers or is it God and his angels?

Musical gathering, programs and funerals upon other things can be done in these building just as in any other building because it is just another building. But to say this is a place of worship and man must go there to worship in peace is proven lie.

Well, it is known that a liar will not enter heaven can only mean, “many, many that say Lord, Lord, I don’t know them.” saith the Lord.

Yes, pastors have taken the greatest gospel on earth and made and making a mockery of it to those already thinking Christians are full of it. False characters and lying actions are pushing the can be’s into the hands of other devils and or religions.

In the true gospel, every Christian should be a minister and teacher to another. Just think if such was truly done by all that claim Christianity?

Yes, for me, it is disheartening to watch and listen to these lunatics, men and women in the media and from these false churches, one behind the other turning God into someone to be questioned and seen as a liar when God promise no such thing other than salvation.

A mockery is clearly shown and someone in the end will pay with their lives for the lives they caused to be lost!

 The truth, Hard but factual…..Any one, prove me wrong! Think about it. Read more truth at and on Facebook.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


In Charlottesville Virginia these so called Christians of the KKK and Neo Nazi groups are out in the streets protest their right to continue hate and intimidation. They have been embolden by the hateful speech, radical and tough talk by our luna tick President, Donald Trump.

Other big time Republicans and Evangelic So called Christians are silent. They are silent because they believe in what is being acted out by the same people and president they say speak, say and do that which they say they want to speak, say and do. Trump and these nationalist idiots speaks for the Christian Conservatives and Republicans.

Other so called Christians are out in the streets fighting and protesting against these racist groups for wanting rights to utilize free speech as a right to legally spit out hate.

However, there just may be some Christian protesters there that are fighting for and against having their rights being trampled over to.

Can I say these fighting Christians are wrong to be there? No! They have a right under our law to protest and even fight for their rights and right to live without being in fear. We as Christians have a right to fight for our protection and survival just as we are supposed to do.

Lets take a deeper look at the role of Christian citizenry under our Constitution. We make up the greater number of American citizen, so, the majority of our military personals claim to be Christians. Their job is to be ready to kill and destroy to protect the United States.

Those of us Christians not in the military provide the funds and support, such as bullets, guns, war planes, war boats, submarines, bombs, missiles, death rays, nuclear weapons and more funded by our taxes to these Christians troops and other type religious troops for the purpose of killing and destroying others in what ever fashion it may be to protect them and the United States.

Donald Trump, a known coward and supporter of these hate groups pretend to put out a tweet about the violence protest that took about 8 hours to respond too. The news media quickly acted like this made Donald Trump now being against hate,  his number one campaign issue. But be not deceived.

We and I should not believe anything the Republican Party voters and officers of our government say on behalf of their sudden response of caring about justice for all and especially minorities. How can Satan suddenly tell the truth after 400 years of slavery hate and lies. Lies that even now dominate the mouths and temperance of our highest office and officials starting with the president being the greatest liar.

These racist groups state, “ white lives matter” in protest against the legally organized groups of “Black Lives Matter” and taking down of Robert E, Lee Confederate statue. 

Unlike these racial groups, “Black Live Matter” protested against racism and injustice against the police and it’s policy of singling out and killing black males with out giving them the chance to defend themselves in a court of legal law.  And by acting like black lives did not matter even though white lives for the same offense were apprehended, taken to jail and let go to await trial.

Lets not be ignorant, Conservatives voted for Trumps because, yes, they were racially charged seeing “Black Live Matter and black lawyers and even Democratic officials in government come to the aid of black people in general. They were droved by hatred of “Black Live Matter” and blacks being against renegade and racist police officers whom they felt is justified to kill black with the slightest resistant or talk back. From this, they  put Trumps into office. Their Grand Wizard.

Let’s not fool ourselves when it come to Conservatives and Republican Christians as being Christians and that they condemn theses racist groups. They don’t! They voted and told you just like David Duke said, that “Trump stated, we will take our country back.”

Take the country back from whom? From you and me and all minorities in this country. Wake up people, Trump and these hate groups are what the Christian hate organizations voted for.

Trump raise sand against Korea, and even threaten to send our military to Venezuela to help those people. But the police and even Trump seem not to care about the violence in our own streets taking place at this very moment between our own people.

Like I say and will continue to say, this is a false Christian religion and practice with people playing with false pretending prayers and lies on God in a midst of over 400 years of racial hate and lies by the Church that continue to this very day.

This continued confederate hate run through the false Church  and seem to never go away, but remain glued in hearts of ever generation of Conservatives.  They continue this hate through the Church. 

Only the people can fix this.  Think about it! Read more truth at

Friday, May 5, 2017

Hope And God Answering Prayers Or Is He

                                                      Weekend Finisher
If God do not answer your prayer as you said he would, would that make you a liar on God?
If you believe God will answer your prayers, will you get rid of your Health Insurance?
Will you never go to a doctor again or a pharmacy?

Why do people ask people to pray for them or someone else after they went to the doctor? Where is the trust?
Why do all praying people stay away from nursing homes, hospitals and places where the serious sick reside?
Why do people get healed by a doctor then come and thank others for praying for them?  For what?

Does prayer change things? Are you saying God take care of your problems? Then why do you have problems? Why do your friends  have problem when they can get God to change things for them?

Can God do things for people then judge them? Wouldn’t he be judging himself also, since sinners are the ones claiming God do things for them to.

So, if this be so, how could God judge them with out judging himself? Wouldn’t they be pardon since they agreed together? Sound messed up don’t it?

Isn’t prayer used for confession, asking forgiveness, giving thanks, giving praise, believing toward Salvation? Wouldn’t all this add up to HOPE!

A prayer of faith is HOPE! When friends pray for you or hope for the best for you, it lift your spirit and give strength to you feeling they care for and love you. Nothing more. Prayer can’t heal no more than Faith can. All that had faith is dead. Faith keep nor has it kept anyone from death or sickness.

But we are protected in a country surrounded and protected by a great weaponized military with some of the best doctors in the world taking care of us. not God.

 We live with the illusion that we are more special than other nations. So pretending God is in the United States doing things for us is only a great illusion being master mined by Satan. Yes,we are protected by our government and the military with police protection within.
Also, while you sleep, the police watch over you. They patrol the darken streets, communities and alleyways.

Why don’t you just pray for your own safety and ask to do away with the police. In reality, you need the human police to really protect you. We need the military to protect the United States. Prayer want work, will never work!

Listen! Learn what prayer is in your mind, so when you tell someone you pray for them, you and them knows that you hope for the best for them and not that you have the power of God in you to heal them or anyone else.

You could just say, “my hope for your best go out to you and your love ones“…..

Just learn to live according to the will of God and go about your business and take the Spirit of God (the word) with you. Pretending to go to church will kill you because all who go have to lie about one thing or the other. Read more truth on my website, then, Think about it!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Donald Trump is Not a Legitimate President

A lot is going on in the news about the remarks made by Representative, John Louis about the statement he made saying Donald Trump was not an legitimate president. Many around the country and especially surrogates and news commentators say he is. They make their case by saying Russia did not tamper with our election boxes, and their by Donald Trump won the Electoral Votes.

I agree with John Lewis that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president despite what others pretend not to want to understand. Let me explain!

It is true Donald Trump won by having the most Electoral Votes, and their was no tampering with our voting boxes. But, there was evident to prove Russia interfered in our election process in order to help Donald Trump win.

Putin may not have tampered with our voting boxes, but did provide, through hacking, a constant flow of emails through Wikileak, that influence minds of voter to go against Hillary. Yes, I said influenced!….

A constant barrage of emails hacked and leaked by Russia, even though they showed nothing to prosecute Hillary, would cause someone that would normally vote for Hillary Clinton to take a second look and change their mind, by thinking she really is corrupt and has something to hide..

This is the first time a foreign nation has interfered in our election process so direct for a party and person that stated so publicly and often that they was rooting for Donald Trump.

Evidence of hacking was found to show that the hacking was to influence the election toward Donald Trump.  If evidence was found and proven that Putin (Russia) had indeed tried to influence the election against Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump, then he was helped by the Russians to influence the mind of Americans that voted for Donald Trump, period!

Our presidential election has always been the responsibility of United State citizens only with no outside influences from other nations. When one is elected with the help of mind manipulation or influences by another nations participation, then that outside help make Donald Trump an illegitimate president.

LISTEN! If a student was caught getting outside help by way of a cheat sheet or getting help from another during a test, they would flunk that test for outside interference or cheating. Why is cheating bad for students but correct by Donald Trump!

I can’t understand why Democrats cannot see this and tell the entire truth without being afraid or just plain can’t think when others insist that he won it fair and straight. OH, did I say fair and straight!

Yes, Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. Why are the news medias so afraid of him?

While Obama was president, I never heard him once say, President Obama, but insisted he was an illegitimate president because he was not born in America, which was a lie. One wrong deserve a Right! Think about it!...Continue  ..

Sunday, January 8, 2017


If you have ever been frighten, this is a message that will stick with you forever. It will chill your bones and play with your head. It will touch the very core of your spine and send severe shock and thought waves through the very fiber of all you thought you knew.

Yes, there is such a scripture in the bible that is so over looked and hardly spoken on until now. Yes, now, I will reveal one of God’s mysteries long ignored, but is so vital to my and your future survival.

Because people are needed to fill Buildings, this mystery has been intentionally ignore.  Great mega buildings have grown to over capacity of such sinners by not teaching it.

Sprouts of tic tack medium assemblies, and of course, small pockets, sit for years, rapidly rising along side most highways, streets and dark corners are not teaching it. Why? Because all trying to claim one thing, “FOLLOWERS.”…..Using such names as “Without Limits.”

So, let me tell you what this scripture is and I will let your mind start to wonder before you finish reading my remarks following it and let your conscious be your guide.

This over looked mystery is found in Scripture and has been upon the pages of the Epistle since early Christianity and remain to this very day. It will not change.  Here it is and what it says: Continue

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

God and Intelligence

Why do people think God just sit on a Throne and look on earth. That he never moves but is always in one place. That he has nothing to do nor show his Godly status in Heaven, but remain still on his Throne peeping at earth people for thousands of years.
Even with the many galaxies and other worlds he have, people think he
never ever leave his throne and spot. They think his sight is focused on earth.
What closed minds are those that think such a thing. Only those that does not Know God.
People even think God come to billions of people each and every minute and hour of the day to do something for them, if you listen to them. They think being a Christian open the door for God to become their individual slave.

There are millions of Christians, or those that claim Christianity, that will lie and swear that they have God on line. Yes, nearly every one at all times of the day believe God is working in their physical lives on their behalf.

Do you know what would take place if, "the God", was working for your or answer your prayers? You would be rich and wealthy! No Christian would be poor or wanting anything. You wouldn't even need to work.

But this silly thinking is disgraceful to the God you don't understand but claim to know. If God, as you claim, is doing this or that, then he must be a very weak God because death, sickness, poor and evil people continue to grow worse and worse in his presence among you. But you are wrong! God is all in all. Pure Power! Continue

Sunday, December 11, 2016


A servant of God the Father was sent to summon Jesus for an seasonal meeting long needing to be discussed. As God waited, he sit starring into one of many special worlds he hold close to him. One particular one, being earth.

Its been awhile since God took personal interest in earth. But after seeing an anomaly in the people that caused him to wonder how his creation was coming along, he wanted to speak with Jesus since it was his  Kingdom to be.

Such duties of keeping track of all life on planets are normally left in the hands of the great book keepers, stewards and other high officials of the Kingdom of Heaven. God is consulted when ultimate matters reach level of God’s interest and final say so.

Though God the Son who is equal with God do handle matters of God the Father,  but this time a friendly chat and a question troubled God the Father and God wanted to hear it from Jesus. Such explanation  will  reign true in the written word for all human inhabitants.


I was looking upon earth and gazed upon a celebration called Christmas, said God, where many there are celebrating your birthday and involving me in it. I see they have used certain scriptures of my word to created a festive occasion in an attempt to honor you.

I see that they are a mixture of all kind coming together as one. But not just your birthday, but they celebrate another character to blend in with yours. Tell me more about this.

My question to you is, “is this your birthday?” “I do know when you were born, said God,” but I want to hear what you have to say.”

“No, replied Jesus, it is not my birthday and never have and never will be.” This thing they do called Christmas has been devised by Satan and a group whom call themselves the Catholic Church. Since it’s conception I have sent many people with many warnings to avoid it, separate and stand for righteousness, but to no avail. Even our word in scripture are used to twist and justify Christmas continuance.” “Many has gone the way of the world.”

But Jesus, say God the Father, look at them with all the lights and Santa Claus, gifts and partying, music of all sort and mixture. They worship you as a baby in songs. They have even brought you back down to a baby, and I must say you are kind of cute.” The kids love to place your image around things and in yards, but care less to have you for a doll.”

“What is going on?” They celebrate your birthday, is this not true?” Is it your birthday or not? Tell the people again.

NO, it is not my birthday, said Jesus! No man on earth know it and this is the reason for my not disclosing it. Man has a way of taking things out of proportion, adding to and taking away, joining in and accepting all that feel good to them rather than defending the true word of God.

They have no concern or nor ever think that I am a God and not to be played with as a baby or praised as one. Such an attempt to put me in a crib is disgraceful. I am a God and those that believe in me believe in me through the word of God and not through me as a baby that had not yet ascended. Such will not win them salvation.

But will you honor what they do any way, said God.  They look so happy! No, I cannot even if they continue, as many will. If I approve of or agree with them I would be agreeing with a lie. To do such a thing will make me a liar, said Jesus. If I accept this lie it open the door to every things I’ve said and done to be challenged and scrutinized because now, I am a liar. Who will believe a liar?

No! let them have their fun and on the appointed hour, he that endured unto the end shall be saved. Then those that preached and spread discourse and lies shall fall under much weeping and woe, said Jesus.  For many shall come, but few are choosing.

Yes, they are indeed celebrating with much joy, but it’s not for me nor you Father.  It’s for their own Joy. They must learn to celebrated the seasons we gave them with much joy, yes,  but do it  in truth, said Jesus.

Then God stood, came close to Jesus, smiled and said, “once again your have proven to my Son in whom I am well pleased always.” Jesus smiled back and said, “you better believe it!”

Note: This is strictly fiction with a lesson of understanding…. Think about it!… Visit site for more on Christmas....