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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is CNN news trying to force Obama into a war?

Obama Must pay very lttle attention to what CNN is saying about Lybdia and the Opposition fighters.
I've never seen a news station try so hard to force Obama into a war than how CNN projects the opposition fighters as being slaughtered, innocent civillians being killed, NATO is not bombing enough as the United States did, "these fighter need United States help". And Kadaffi is slaughtering his people and on and on and on.

They are trying to push Obama into a conflict in Lybia that we don't need, just to get the conflict started and then say, " He, Obama, should have waited and gave NATO more time". Slick!

It was once said, that "one newspaper is worst than a thousands bayonets".

This is true with CNN and any other news source that push horible news stories about Lybia, until the public, they hope, will agree with some poll that Obama should forget about NATO and go at it along. Ridiculas!

One thing CNN does not report is that American bombs was killing innocence civillians. They claim it hadn't. Not so! It is impossible to drop hundreds of missles and not kill cilvillians.
 But the civillians that oppose the rebels does not matter. They have no right to oppose the rebel fighters, so it's ok to kill them. They are not "good civillian, they are Kadaffi civillians.

Civillians are civilians no matter what side they are on.

News stations need drama to keep it afloat. Dying soldiers are not on their mind.  Just news for them. I'm a past war hero of Vietnam era. I know and care about our troops. I don't see them as XBOX charaters with push button restore life features. They are living human beings with a future and family.

My hope is that Obama and his Administration is not listening to them or any other news station that claim we need to get back in the conflict. We need to take over bombing because we can kill more people than NATO and even put weapons and possiblely young soldiers on the ground to create a good news story.

Obama! Keep a clear head. We don't need another war. Nor do families want to see their sons dead. It will be Obama war and the news media will have a field day with it by turning it against you for a good news story.

Not to mention how happy it will make the Tea Party Republicans facing a tough run for the white House. They need something to run off of. They as yet, have nothing. So they are looking hard to find any thing that will turn public opinion.

Once another war starts, the economy moves to the back burner. Now we have another "George Bush war" repeating itself.

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