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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ministers stand in support of Muslim religion

Christian Ministers stand in support of Muslim religion against Terry Jones, a Christian Minister while the court , in fear, violate the Constitution.

This is a subject matter I want to talk about as a Minister about how Terry Jones, Christian Pastor, was treated unfairly by our court system by denying him his first amendment rights to protest in from of a Muslim mosque.

When I heard about the ruling coming down from a court Judge in Michigan stating Jones and his assistant pastor was barred for 3 years from protesting in front of the Dearborn Michigan Mosque, plus charged a  court fee of $1.

All I could think of was how scared to death is the people of the United States of Muslims. We let them have their way because we  fear they will set a bomb some where.

This is not true. The majority of American Muslims have too much to lose to do such a thing. They love this country just like we do, but should not be given special scared privileges because of what they might do and prevent us from picketing mostly wherever we want to.

One can protest the President of the United States in front of the White House or any where he speaks and even carry a holstered gun. We can even call him ugly names as some do and nothing happens. But let some say or do any anything against a Muslim and the country run scared with fright. 

Even the Constitution is over ruled and goes against Christianity which it was founded upon. The first amendment only apply to every one else but not when you come up against Muslims. The right to assemble does not apply.

Americans seem to be on their way of becoming Muslims. Many are turning their backs on Christianity and supporting Islamic religion. For example, there were Christian Pastors standing in support of Islamic religion against Terry Jones, the Christian Pastor.

I'm not in support of what Terry Jones did, but I'm more disappointed in what these so-called Christian Ministers did. They acted like Islamic religion was on the same level as Christianity. They wanted to protect Islamic religion.

Every religion has the right to exist or be establish under our constitution, but every religion is not the same.  With these so-called Christian Ministers, I doubt if our God would have two different religion. I would doubt that Jesus would be upholding another religion. If he did, then Christianity would be a joke. It wouldn't make any different what religion we served because they all would be on the same level.

These Ministers stood in defense of Islamic religion which mean they are confused. Bottom line is that they never should have been there.

We are fools in believing we serve the same God. If that be so, then God is confused. If that be so, then why not we all worship the same Jesus and God teaching from the same book. Why don't we attend the same worship. The answer is that we are different and we all know it, but too afraid to admit it in public.

One causes fear and one teaches of love of every one. Islamic religion, home and abroad, has Americans quivering. American are not supporting Islam because they want them to have rights under the constitution, but is fearful and afraid of what they might do even when they can do nothing. Every one is subject to violence. We can do nothing until they commit violence. Till them we remain strong and true to our Constitution.

Muslims. Christians and all other religions have the right to assemble and worship who ever they please with out any one bothering them. Terry Jones is not wrong and he's not right either. However, there is plenty other things he could be doing rather than wasting his time picketing the Mosque.

He would do well to listen to his own teachings. " Compel them to come", "Who so ever "will" let them come".  Preach the word and let it draw men unto to God. We don't act like a fool making God look bad in the eyes of already sinful people pretending to know God.

You may not want to hear it but the truth will set you free.
Be blessed.
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