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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Herman Cain is the problem of bad management when allowed to get away with sexual harassment

Throughout our nation women are being sexual harassed by management officials and yes, they will get away with it. For many decades this has been and is the policy of every large business and that is to protect their buddy buddy friends and or co-managers.

With the laws and policies adopted by Equal Employment Opportunity  Commission Office of the Federal government, it actually allow sexual harassment cases and many others to be won then pushed under a stone and hidden away from public knowledge.

Every large business has internal affairs. The government has it's own internal EEO office within it's working compounds or agencies. They also have unions. However unions cannot handle sexual harassment cases because it is a law handed down by EEO and cannot be negotiated on. So complaints are handled between an agencies internal EEO office and agencies own internal affairs office of lawyers whom both are paid by the working/business agency. An almost no win by the complainant unless the act is serious enough to not be able to be covered up or laws be violated since records and reports must be reported to the Government main EEO agency over looking them. However, unions can be there as observers if the complainant want them there as a witness only. Not to Represent.

large non-government businesses like that Herman Cain once worked for and all others have their own internal affairs office that is just a joke, pretending to work and care about employees personal needs. However, management is their primary concern since they are paid by them. Most businesses use their own internal affairs rather than have unions because this give them more power to fire, hire and promote and with hold from providing safe working conditions for their employees. Complaints meets immediate firing.

Not having an internal EEO office like government agencies, private businesses internal affairs almost always rule against their employee's vs management. When this happen an employee is forced to seek outside help by way of contacting their state's EEO agency and filing a discrimination case or hire a lawyer. Either way, if the company official is found guilty an agreement concocted by state's EEO agency and businesses will lead to the same conclusion. A written agreement and possibly a settlement.

An agreement is asked first with the accuse apologizing with out a settlement. An employee can lose out on settlement payments if he or she does not know his rights and the agency EEO representative forget to tell the complainant about settlements of monetary value. If they do, still the settlement one settle for could be way smaller than what they could have gotten if they would have had a lawyer.

An agreement and settlement is not as much a celebration of relief for the complainant as it is for the accused or management official/s and the company. What it does is keep information of the case about the company and it's officials held in house. One reason may be that most sexual harassment is carried out by married men's of management. Such agreements prevent their wives or husbands from ever hearing about their filthy acts of womanizing by their perfect husbands and wives. The other is to protect the company good name from getting into public knowledge with the appearance that they supports and violates EEO rules and regulations.

What does an agreement show? It will show on paper that the official of management is at fault based on an investigation. But to keep the case from going to court, with a good lawyer, the company agree to settle by paying out a sum of money and promise this will not happen again. A laugh.
If the case is not taken to court, part of the settlement is for the complainant to vow never to repeat the case publicly again or face a suit.

The bad thing about these EEO agreements is that the accuser is given a pat on the hand to go back to the work place and do it again and again rather than suffering a fine or firing.
This is the case with Herman Cain. He was a womanizer allowed to continually take advantage of low paying woman employees because he had the power to do so. Ofttimes employees are force to leave the establishment or given layoff slips to be blamed on layoffs.

To be free from this type of agreement it is best go to court. This will eliminate the situation we have with the complainant of Herman Cain not being able to speak out. After court this would be public knowledge and complainant can speak out publicly with out being sued.

Why Republican so-called Christian moral conservatives can support an immoral candidate is not surprising since thay are GODS and perfects the moral character. However, conservatives will agree with anything that will get them into the White House and control of the government.

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