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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Satan is using the so-called Christian conservatives to overthrow the kingdom of God through government control.

Out of hate___ overthrowing the Kingdom of God and setting up his order of government has always been Satan's objectives since his fall from grace. He has always had earth and it's human hosts in his site as becoming our king on earth over the will of God as crowning the true savior, Jesus Christ, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords over all the righteous to be inhabitants of earth living in a new order of tranquility (peace, calmness, etc).
However, throughout biblical history Satan's quest has been a constant struggling one as time and time again his earthly armies with ruthless dictators and generals failed to seat him as head of this world. Yet, he waits, create and manipulate situations.

Realizing he cannot rule through wars and simple manipulations along he turned his attention toward another plan. Towards another kind of war he knows he can eventually win. Through governments!
Instead of war and armies he's decided to concentrate on internal wars between government and the people. Wars between parties and the people. Between the rich and the poor. High positions held by his followers where as they rule through hunger for power, lust and money. Through hate, manipulation and greed. Through these Satan can take control, imprison, make war through the people themselves. Cause disturbancies and chaos.

Satan has weak power and cannot do it along. He need willing subjects. People he can easily con into thinking what they do is right and is of God. Yet, opening the way for Satan to one day control the world for a short period of time. But for now he's satisfied moving ever so closely to total control through powerful twisted forces in Governments around the world and through the Republican so-called Christian conservatives and the ever expanding Tea party, who themselves, have the same agenda in mind of world domination as Satan.  A perfect pair. They fit together like hot dog and mustard.

Now listen up carefully and see if all I've said make sense..... Satan need powerful people with lots of money rich and wealthy in high places with the ability to make things happen and the ability to change and pervert others. People rich in business, secret societies, contacts around the world and organizations capable of controlling those in governments. Now if I'm not mistaken, this leaves out us poor people. However, poor people are foolish enough to be drawn in by them.

Now listen up again! Who in our country has the power and money and is consistently pushing to protect the powerful rich from sharing along side poor people? Who pledge to change laws to give them more upper hand to quickly take control of our government and nation.  Answer.. The Tea party and so-called Christian conservatives.

What rising organization in politics in such a short few years have spread across the US even into other countries with many followers with the desire to spread their way of belief, faith and thinking?  And lastly, who believe that only they and their party can run the United States along.  Again...The Tea Party and so-called Christian conservatives.

Now, I'm not too smart as I should be but I am smart enough to listen at what's being said. It should cause you to "raise an eye brow" ( or I never thought about that) to something I was told that was fulfilling scriptures. 

Some may say preparing the way for future events involving Satan taking his kingdom seat on earth will start overseas. No way. It can't!  Americans and those of the west are too proud and arrogant (superior) to follow someone from another nation. Look how hateful we are (not me) to those we don't understand from other nations. How we pretend. Some one from another nation may rise up but they better have spent great time in great favor in this country sleeping with the rich and working with powerful organizations and governments.

Satan's plan to control has always targeted the United States. Because we took the lead in power, hate, unruliness, violent and perverted filth then pretend we are angles. The rest of the world even other free world countries follow our lead. We (not me)  are a great sin breathing ground. Satan knows this. So what better place to make his base than with followers of like minded intentions right here.

The Republicans and so-called Christians conservatives from the beginning of it's conception was formed by Satan. He saw a way to use this party during the building of the nations because of their hunger for power, greed and hate of others (slavery). They are unchange today, yet, presenting a false different change with devilish slickness.

Conservatives best suit Satan's need to carry out his plans because they are with out love or true caring for all, hard headed, steadfast in their belief, teaching twisted and false religion, separating themselves from liberal churches, pretending they are working for the true God of love, full of richness and pride, full of lust and lies, greedy and power hungry. The joy and darlings of Satan.

Liberal Christians are not with out their faults. Some also, are rich and lovers of themselves with the same hateful thoughts as Republican so-called Christians and must be put in the same catagory . However, with Liberals they are more God fearing, loving and caring for all people. This cause Satan not to spend much time with plotting his take over through us. Besides, there are too many poor people who spend too much time calling on God that scares Satan. Not all Liberals are righteous, but enough. Satan needs the big dogs.

As I end there is a calling to salvation for conservatives and liberals alike to repent and return to your first love. Come out from within the world for it give off sweet believing lies that leads toward a short trial before God and an everlasting punishment that will eventually end in death. But when found innocence we will be sentence to life forever and ever in a world we cannot begin to imagine.

I sure would like to see that along with you. Think about it!

Bishop Ward

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