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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Folks! What it all really means. You do wanta gobble don't you?

Well, let's see where I start. Once upon a time there were these settlers who came over to Native land on the Mayflower. The Mayflower was the ship that brought the Puritans or pilgrims to the new world where they could escape the tyranny of the King of England  and the Anglican Church. They wanted religious freedom from persecution. The Mayflower's captain was not Columbus, but Christopher Jones of England.
Turkey Cl...The first winter was devastating to the Pilgrims. The cold, snow and sleet was exceptionally heavy, interfering with the workers as they tried to construct their settlement.
On March 16, 1621 after arriving in Plymouth. The Pilgrims were frightened of the natives that surround them until one day an Indian brave name Samoset walked into the Plymouth settlement and called out "Welcome" to  them" (in English!).

He learned English from..wait for it...captains of fishing boats that had sailed off the coast and landed on other parts of this land long before the pilgrims.

I'm trying to make this short. ......Samoset knew little English but went and brought aback  friend name Squanto who spoke much better English than he. Squanto told the Pilgrims of his voyages across the ocean and his visits to England and Spain. It was in England where he had learned English.

Any way, he taught the settlers how to practically stay alive because the settlers was literally dying out because they didn't know how to adapt to this new world.  Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to tap the maple trees for sap, tell which plants were poisonous and which had medicinal powers, how to plant the Indian corn and more.

The harvest in October was very successful and the Pilgrims found themselves with enough food to put away for the winter. There was corn, fruits and vegetables, fish to be packed in salt, and meat to be cured over smoky fires.

The Pilgrim Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of thanksgiving to be shared by all the colonists and the neighboring Native Americans.

But three(3) years later a draught struck their crops and they were very hungry for food again. Governor Bradford ordered a day of fasting and prayer, and it was soon thereafter that the rain came. You can believe the rain came the next day if you want to, but I believe it was still a long time after that.

However, to celebrate, Governor Bradford ordered November 29th of that year another day of thanksgiving. This date is believed to be the real true beginning of the present day Thanksgiving Day.

There you have it. So, Thanksgiving is a celebration of thanks to Jesus for his many blessings of bountiful harvests of not just food, but for life itself.  It's nothing ordained by God. Giving thanks and giving help to each other where needed  should be an everyday LOVE.

So to all my readers I would you a very healthy and fulfilling Thanksgiving celebration and a happy Turkey, pig, ham, collard green, potato salad, devil eggs, sweet potato pie, candy yams, cream potatoes, buttered bread and corn, beans and more holiday.

This is making me hungry and my wife is out of the kitchen. She just finish bak
ing her 6th potatoe pie and turkey is finished and both is calling me. so until next time. ENJOY!

PS: If you are wondering why I didn't say thanks to God. Think about it! It'll come to you.

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