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Friday, November 18, 2011

Any one that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Is it really that easy? Conservative and Liberals think so.

All Democrats and Republican Christians have for years used Romans 10:9 of the Holy Bible as means to bring people to the Lord and mainly establish a church. It reads:
"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in their heart that God hath raised him (Jesus) from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

Yes, this is actually so, but there are hidden meanings wedged within this promise that separate a true believer from a pretender. Most people who claim to be a Christian are going on what the minister claimed has happened at that very moment of confession. That after repeating and "saying you believe" meant that you are now automatically saved.

Such actions conducted by ministers are misleading to people. So misleading that millions of rotten so called Christians are claiming to be saved with no Godly understanding of what saved really mean or what it incurs and haven't change their habits, thinking and actions.

To prove there is more to this verse, lets take Satan for example, a man most Christian think they have under control. Many in black Churches goes so far as to say they have put Satan under their feet and now they step on him. Such foolishness!

Satan is alive and well. But most of all Satan believe in God, Jesus, the word and all. After all, he use to live in heaven. So, do he know more about God than us. The answer is Yes!
The bible even say that Satan believe in God. So, Roman 10:9 above say every thing that Satan believes in. Yet, he can care less. He seeks power and control over this world so he can fill it with, well, more of what you see going on now which is parting, sexing, drinking, stealing, killing, building and the beat goes on. Satan knows the truth but he is not a doer. He's definitely not saved just because he passed the test of Roman 10:9. He may be a believer but certainly not a doer. Satan is not saved.

Millions of people that have confessed their sins have done the same as Satan. They so-called confessed the verse because the minister made it so convenience that this is what's needed to join church or call themselves a Christian and that was all. Deep and hidden within their heart many have no intentions of releasing that which bring them so much pleasure in this world. However, since the ministers told them they are forever saved, they go away believing this blindly that in what ever they do, "I'm still saved"! Corrupt church folks pretending to be saved.

So-called Christian conservative have done more to exploit this verse than any other organization on the face of this earth. And look what they have produced. From  Conservative Christian slavery to terrorists and hateful lunatics with guns to kill all those they don't like, stealing from the poor to dividing God's people and all the while calling themselves Christians. They have a complete lack of simple understanding of what and who God is and what he want man to accomplish while he's away.
This does not exclude the liberals who had and have their share of Christian slavery and dislikes that also exist under this verse.

Looking at this verse again.  I see some thing missing from the ones claiming to be saved that the verse is filled with.

Read it again.
"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in their heart that God hath raised him (Jesus) from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

Here is what I see in this verse. 1. A wiliness to die for the name of Jesus through persecution by defending and teaching in his name unafraid. This include telling every one that he (Jesus) is the son of God and no one else.

Most of us have jobs that will have nothing to do with Jesus. Yet, at different times of the year they pretend to. There is a problem with you and a problem with your job if both do not from time to time express or show their love for God. God is absent in 99% of all TV and media jobs while news and other happening are more important.

2. The Heart. This is what separate the good from the bad. If one is following Jesus then he is following everything that Jesus ever said about loving God with all thy heart and treat thy neighbor as thy self.  And the big one is to separate thy self from the world (worldly ways).

Christ was not a hip hopper nor a rock and roller or any other type of non religious music follower. Nor was he a liar, woman or man chaser, embraced shacking with out being married, did not kiss and make love to another man or woman of the same sex, cursing and being loud, steal, dope smoker, having sex with out being married, running out on you married mate, sexual harassment, twisting words to fit the wrong and etc.

There is nothing in the bible that show Christians mixing the gospel of Christ with worldly music or any affair where the gospel as a whole is not welcome. The two does not mix no more than heaven and hell does not mix.

Every one is calling themselves Christians and religious people. You have that right to call yourself so, but that don't make it so. In this case, according to the bible, there are few that will make it in, yet many will be called. The called are those who have knowledge of and like Satan will not fully change because of other worldly agendas.......

Many Republicans and their educated high tech rich ministers and pastors have been teaching Satan's way of running the world since forever. They twist Roman 10:9 to get them aboard then continue on twisting the word until they have controlled robots. People who will do any thing at any time whenever they, their pastors, flip the switch.

The saved are those which endure to the end. "from the first time you received Christ and God, until the day you die.... . Telling some one about their faults does not mean you hate them, it mean you care about them. And want them to change just like a parent chastise his kids. Just like Jesus. ....Think about it!

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