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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Tea Party Playing poker with America by openly cheating with slick of the hand. By Bishop, Ward

The Tea Party gangsters are really beginning to play poker with poor people of  America. They are pulling cards from every place in the Republican deck except the top.

There are a host of players like card slicker Tim Pawlenty, who bet on sick people not seeing what's up his sleeve. Newt Gingrich who try to get poor people to look the other way while he steal from the deck. Mick Romney who want to take his cards back and get another hand. Herman Cain who's waiting to be let in the game and a few more who's telling us they really do know how to play poker.
Then there are two card hustlers Sarah Palin and Michael Bachman who rode in on mavericks. They  appeal to their followers for their pulling from the bottom of the deck. They have many fooled as being the best poker players out of the group because they are better con dealers.

The TP players so far doesn't look to good. Many of their viewers are still looking for a player in which they can pull from the top.

So far, the gangsters are losing to a new player who can play and deal. He's a fast learner that gained his repretation by dealing off the top of the deck. Because he is so well favored by the sick and poor, the Tea Party  players hate him and nick named him "ObamaCare"!

ObamaCare, who's real name is "Obama", is Democratic player and Robin Hood of the West. He playes for all America, but especially for poor people who have more to lose if Obama let the Tea Party players win.

When ever ObamaCare wins, and that's often,  his winnings are spreaded through out the nation to help poor people in medical, Medicare, Social Security,shooling, houses, jobs, business, manufacture and etc.

However, the Tea Party gang is playing for keeps. They keep all their winnings as they did when George Bush was dealing to them from the deck. They play for the rich and rich oil companies. They think they are so slick with hands that poor people will actually believe they are playing for them. Some poor Republicans does.

Nevetheless, The Tea Party gang has decided to gang up against "ObamaCare". Tea Party players are trying to look over his shoulder at his hand in hopes of finding out how he keeps winning. Unable to, they complain he's holding duce's, when he's laying down "Royal Flushes".

But the Tea Party will not give up while knowing their players are weak. They are searching for a front runner that is slick with the hands and mouth and poses's all the qualities of the other Republican TP players. "A real sleaze ball". A" supper player" who's really out spoken and don't mind having a collar around their neck while being pulled around by by the Tea Party.

Will it be one of the "Maverick" or old players? Whom ever, they must go up againt "ObamaCare" and the poor people.

Think about it!
God bless!

Tea Party Playing poker with America by openly cheating with slick of the hand.

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