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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
By Bishop, Bobby Ward

Tea Party candidate Jack Davis loses real badly against Democratic challenger Kathy Hochul as she wins easily.

(D) Kathy Hochul wins House seat in New York's 26th Congressional District special election as she swept to victory Tuesday night.

The race was to fill the seat of fallen former Republican Rep. Chris Lee, who resigned over pictures and e-mails of him trying to find a date on Craigslist.

The Republicans, who had held this district seat for more than four decades thought they would  certainly run all over Kathy Hochul based on House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's plan to drastically cut federal spending by reforming Medicare.

However, it back fired on them when New Yorkers refused to have any one tamper with their Medicare.
Hochul received 48% to her opposition, Jane Corwin's 42%. And guess who had 9%? Poor Tea Party candidate Jack Davis who's Tea Party backers are trying to distant themselves from him by calling him a "Democrat posed as a Tea Party candidate" by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus who replaced former (RNC) Richard Steele.

This only shows how Judson Phillips and the Tea Party will throw their candidates to the wolves if they don't perform. There goes the "we the people" " to perform or die".No candy for the losers in the Tea Party.

Mean while, (D) Kathy Hochul win is scarring the Republicans in what could look like a bad 2012 election year for them. There trying to play it off as you would guess.

"One for MEDICARE"! "On to NEXT YEAR"!

Think about it!
God bless!

Tea Party candidate Jack Davis loses real badly against Democratic challenger Kathy Hochul

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