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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Osama really Dead and should his picture be shown to the world and our children.

This is a heated topic going on around the world. While many believe Bin Laden is dead, there are many more who believe he is not. Many right here in the United States who after hearing that through DNA testing it was proved that this was Bin Laden, still will not believe until they see the gruesome pictures.

Frances Townsend and Paul Cruickshank whom of course are Republicans, on CNN with John King USA, stated that Obama was wrong in not releasing the pictures because his death has not incited any violence so far. They also stated that Americans have the right to see the pictures.

While I do not know or not if Obama will change his mind to release the pictures, I do know that so far he did the right thing.  They should not be shown and I will explain later.

The push to show the gruesome pictures, of course, is lead by the Republicans. They will use any situation they can to fight against any thing Obama does. One things they are saying is that they don't know if the pictures they have been shown is really Bin Laden.

These politicians are who we have in office to represent us. Rich Idiots with the minds of low level baboons. They disrespected the decent people of this country to bow down to our countries' criminal minds un, jailed.

Why do I say this? It's because these people have know respect for our children's who will also see these gruesome pictures. Why are we teaching them against guns and violence but yet we he grown folks, glorify it when it meets our need.

We the so called loving country is glorying killing before our children and haven the children's do the same. But let that child point his finger at another kid and we become holy again and is ready to crucify the poor child.

Yes, we should celebrate it. But let's not act like the terrorists we want to destroy.
We need to get our priority in order.  Showing children gruesome gun shot pictures are simply wrong. What if the child likes what he sees? What if they think it's all right to kill a bully? What if they get nightmares? What if, what if, what if?

Think about it?
God bless!

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