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Friday, March 30, 2012

Silence of so-called Christian Republican ministers on Trayvon Martin, slavery, civil rights, God and race relation

Weekend Finisher

With all the fuss about the legal cause of death of Trayvon Martin I would think that every one who care about racial hate and disparity in this country would stand out and let themselves be heard. Yet, I see all of the familiar favorite blacks like Jessie Jackson and of course white Democrats in the forefront always asking for justice for all. But I never have seen prominent so-called Christian Republicans taking a stand against it never and mean it.

It takes me back to the days of Bible and slavery. When the Klux Klux Klan was the backbone of the Republican Church. Where ministers and congregations preached love for their race, and hate, death and sorrow to all blacks at the same time when when God was preached as a loving God to all but black people.

I never could see how slaves could believe their Bible messages when God seem to be working for whites and not the blacks. How could people be so deceived in letting this kind of twisted religion stall their flight to be equal when these same white ministers and their followers was the same that came at night under hoods to kill them in the name of the same God they said slaves should follow.
White ministers during slavery did much of nothing, and what they did didn't amount to a bean sprout as you see that hatred today is the same as it was during the slave days only in a more slick paper work kind of way.

With as many Churches around during slavery there should have never been any man subjected to slavery, as the kind that was offered blacks, in the so called God fearing country.
Black have to understand that the so-called Christian Republican Churches today is the cause of racism. Some may say not, but these are the ones that have fail in the past and can't see the forest for the trees.

Though Christianity is the best means to bring universal love and togetherness on earth, it has been used to twist the minds of blacks for Republicans so called Christian to control them. That is. keep blacks believing in their brand of the Bible, pretend to love them through split lips, but against them when darkness come while collaborating in secrecy how best to keep them down. Christian militias with guns.

When I came to the conclusion that God is a merciful God, I realized that God did not work, according to his written word, like the so-called Christian Republican Churches claim he worked. That is, choosing colors and plotting these colors against each other. That God want these pretending Christians to stand by and allow others of his creation to be down trotting by the hands of those who lie and say they are Christian.

Slavery went on because these pretending Church people wanted it and allowed it. Today their silent still represent their stand on dividing the races just like the Islamic religion. Both Ideals are the same. Use God as a means to conquer and destroy. Confuse the mind and control the body.
So from this I discovered the true God and and now can tell the different from the work of God and the hand of Satan. God loves all men because they are his creation just like a child is the creation of their parents. A parent love them all unconditionally.

This I cannot see in so-called Christian Republicans and therefore cannot except their kind of God loving preaching and living. I cannot accept a god of hate but a God of love.

I have though observed from their sites many voices of hatred saying Trayvon Martin should have been killed and calling him a thug and on and on. These are comment that should be left up to sinners and not Christians who should value life. Oh, their life only pertain to the unborn not the living.
Where is the mouth of the great liar Pat Robertson or all those big shots in the Southern Baptist Association. Why haven't they said something about the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and race relation.

I speak out as a minister and say Trayvon death is completely a shame, a mockery of his Constitutional rights the Tea Party feel belonging to them only.
Why is it so hard to say from all that has been heard that Trayvon was murdered. That a conspiracy is looming.

Why haven't someone spoken out as to how can a "stand your ground law "extend down the street. I know I'm pretty smart enough to know that stand your ground means to protect the area which you stand and does not extend a block away or cross town. If it does then Florida is a city of vigilantes.
I know enough to know that these laws was made for Republicans to legally kill blacks, I also know that when they were writing these laws blacks and Mexicans was on their minds.
Guns in this country are not sold for hunting completely. They are sold to mostly Republicans to kill blacks and Mexicans should the time arrive. And believe you me that most of the so- called Christian Church people have their share of guns.

There is a lot of talk going on about race relation on how we should have forums to talk openly about it. Any thing is a help, but a forum is no good talking to those who don't hate about how fix racism. You need to speak to those who do hate and that want never happen. Too many. So what is the solution? There is none!

There is no way to fix a problem that has existed for ever.  You can't fix the million of minds that hate. The only way is tougher laws that will never happen.

But there are two ways. One is with the return of Christ to rule and the other is 80 years of wandering in the desert until all of the haters has died out. We're talking 80 years of cleansing. But until the haters die out from among us this racial divide will continue. As long as their is a Republican race hatred will continue. Ask Rush Limbaugh.

Since the time when Republicans became conservatives we have had deep racial divide. It will continue until that party and their form of Christianity is done away with. and all that is left is people who really want to live according to the Constitution, "All men are created equal",  and " for God so loved the world".

Who gave them the power to hate what God created. Not unless they are gods planing to over take Heaven and overthrow God himself.. To apply the Constitution to heaven itself.
I think I'll stay a Democrat.

You think about it!

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