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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jesus has changed his mind. So-called Christian Republicans can now vote for Non Christian Mick Romney

Weekend Finisher

So-called Christian Conservative Republican ministers and their flocks must now vote for Romney. What happen to God telling them Romney was not a Christian.

So far the party is over for good ole Santorum and the last hope for die hard pretending Christians Republicans.  Their train is grinding to a crawling hault. Soon they must realize that Santorum is a false savior of the rich and there is no more blood to be squeezed out of this race.

Months ago most of the throne setting Baptist minister and their cronie organizations of conservative wolves in sheep clothing came out against Mick Romney as hard as a rattle snake. They put the poor guy down. Did every thing but talk about his family. They even said God told them that Mick was not a Christian and they shouldn't vote for him. Now the Lord has changed his mind. Mick is the right stuff.

I guess their god saw something in Mick he missed the first time, like Mick is winning and he better get on the winning side, meaning god made a mistake. Romney is a Christian after all. The Conservative god really is confused and got the Christian Republican confused also. Of course, this mean nothing since they are already twisted any way.

Now I would like to hear what new lies they will tell on "The God". Maybe they will vote for Obama. NOT!  You don't know! Maybe their god will change his mind and realize Obama is the Moses for the country and although he's being chased by Pharaoh's army he need more time to lead the people out of the wilderness and just plain tired of succubuses.

Since Obama is a Christian mabe they will follow their first decision and vote for Obama. And yea! And mabe If you believe this let me sell you the Red Sea real cheap. Let's say $5 and I'll credit you with 30 years to make your first payment.

Maybe their god is deciding to get on the right side. Wait a minute! This don't sound like a Republican god. He wouldn't no right if he see the unemployment rate go down.

Either case, I'm betting the Conservative Church will get quiet. I don't think they want us to know they lied on God again and gotta vote for Mick Romney! You think about it.

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