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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Talking with a black Republican so-called Christians about abortion

Weekend Finisher

Talking with a black Republican so-called Christians about abortion
is like a visit to the "outer limits".

Every now and then I run into a black Republican and as usual I'm blown away at how can a black person be so stupid. First of all, this person told a lie no sooner than they open their mouth. Listen at this, "I'm a Christian" they said.

From this, I knew It was going to be good. I always wanted to get inside the mind of one of these guys. Not to stay mine ya, but to just look around, find an open back door, plan my escape, and when least expected, save myself by running like the devil's den (h.....l).

Any Democrat talking with a Republican Christian with out a plan of escape is just asking for a sudden rush of  high blood pressure, throbbing heart beats and sympathetic stares. Yes, sympathetic stares! You see, while they're talking, you hear em, but lost for words. You're thinking, 'pitiful with a stare".

This is how I felt toward my black Republican so-called Christian friend. I pitied her for being so closed minded and out of touch with reality that common sense being free she should take it. I tried to give her some. Honest I did. But she wasn't hearing it. She was stupid and wanted to remain stupid.

It's unthinkable that God could have any relationship with such closed and twisted minded people as these that he would impart his spirit in them.  He didn't.

When I say the spirit I mean his words. Some people seem to think that God actually is voicing some thing to them. That's not so. God Spirit is his words. Our only connection with God is from what we read of him. His words. Any one who say God talked to them, you tell em to stop lying.
Let's get back. I just wanted to clear that up......

Let me tell you about one of the conversations we got into. First of all she came out of the blue and said, "all politicians are liars". Being a quick thinker I said to myself, "waitttt forrrr ittt" waitttt forrrr ittt" here it come. She said, "Obama is a liar". I knew she was a Republican. I said, "what did he lie about"? "

She said, " I don't want my money going toward contraceptives" I believe in birth control". I shook my head trying to line my brain back up because I thought we were talking about Obama lying".
She then said, "I believe birth start at conception". I said, "I  do not.  It's just male female semen with the composition to make life. it's not a person yet. She said, 'God said, "I knew you before you were formed". I said, The key word here is "formed". You are a school teacher, tell me what "formed" means. It mean a body, a structure, human formed with limbs. She said, "I don't care what you say, life start at conception". So God is lying I said. She stuttered awhile..... I said, "let me lay something on you".

Here is a fact that Democrats will not speak of or defend themselves by. I don't know why, because it's simple enough for any one to see. As I stated previously, life doesn't start at conception. One should merely think on these things to see that at conception there is only cells for making life. The key word to remember is"for making life", not already life.

According to medical experts,  cells call "morula" migrates down the woman's Fallopian tube to her uterus.  A morula is one of the earliest stages in embryonic development, occurring before the embryo has implanted but after it is fertilized. This stage is usually reached at about four to five days after fertilization, and it is followed by the development of the blastula, a cluster of cells surrounding a fluid-filled cavity. The blastocyst implants in the nutrient-rich lining of the mother's uterus. From day 12 through week six, this being is termed an embryo. This is deep stuff.

So what we have here so for is cells and fluids forming to create life. Therefore life cannot start at conception but in progressive stages until it become "formed" to be call a life. The Bible say"
Leviticus 17:14

"For it is the life of all flesh (blood): the blood of it is for the life thereof:  (skip) For the life of all flesh is the blood thereof."

Life is not in sperm cells but in the blood which is impossible at conception because conception is when sperm fluids or cells meet. Fluid! Not Blood!  God said blood was the life of all flesh not fluid or cells.

So, when does life begin? In the blood farther up the line when life actually take shape or formed. Not at conception..... If you didn't get, read it again.

I ended with my Republican friend by asking her, why do Republicans care so much for the unborn and nothing for the living kids shut up in shelters who need some one to carry them home with them. To love and care for them. Republicans are hypocrites. If you care so much about abortion, the unborn, then why don't you adopt 5 or 6 of them. There are enough Republicans to empty these places. But it want happen.

She became quite and said, "I give". I said , yea, right!

I leave you with something to ponder.... Why Isn't an egg called a chicken or a chicken an egg.
Make your head hurt don't it........You think about that!

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