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Friday, June 17, 2011

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Where is the Church and big time ministers when God needs them?
By,Bishop Ward

I woke this morning furious with the world and especially with the United States and the Churches and religions that dwells within it.

As I pondered the thought, it came to me that there is something going on here that is bigger than any thing the world the people give thought of and it's fearful.

While we go about our business of putting all our energy into our own personal glories of high unemployment, debts, loving our homes, cars, partying, dealing in stocks, activities and reaching for riches,  we are bringing destruction upon ourselves in the near future and well deserve the punishment God will place upon the earth.

The United States, a nation that once had a relationship with God is no longer under the wings of God, but is caught up into open blasphemy by voting to create laws to undermine the very God that made us great by approving homosexuality. A sin God hates to his very core. A sin that undermine his very creation.

What's so much more sad and scary is that the Church with it's big time ministers who blow up the TV screens and Churches every day and Sundays are scared to death to speak out furiously against  homosexuality.

Where are the signs that should be posted in front of their churches? Where are these big time TV ministers who so-called love God? They are hiding and scared to death of the government and of losing their tax church status giving to them by the government.

When are the Churches going to war for God? When will it "Put on the  Armor of God and armor up?. Playing Church, robbing God, and doing nothing to stop or even slow the gay disease that's infesting our world do not make you a saint. You are a coward. And God can do nothing with a coward.

Homosexuality is the greatest threat of the world falling apart and causing God to make a move.
There are over a hundred millions Christians or professing Christians that votes in this country. Whether Democrat or Republican, that's enough people that could have prevented homosexuality from spreading to the degree it is today. hey did nothing and is doing nothing. Yet, the Church preferred to get rich and look good to it's congregation with stylish ways.

Let's get back to our punishment. You see many Churches believes nothing great will happen before Israel's seven year peace agreement or regaining the Temple Mount. Not so!

You see, we are not past pestilent and diseases, hunger, even more and worst storms and earthquakes before the events above take place. I don't know what it will be or when but I believe it has to happen. And as we move closer to a Sodom and Gomorra state, it will happen.

Total chaos will put the Church in a bull's eye by the government and the people, but we must stand for God. Right now it is quiet, but the time is fastly coming when we will be jailed, fined and even killed for speaking out against homosexuality. That's how bad it's becoming. You know it and I know it.

News media's will be the eyes and voices to track us down and bring law enforcement down on us. They will twist the word of God and be the main means to destroy or silence the Church. It is here now! News media quickly condemn and shame any one who say the word "Gay". I'm right about that too, and you know it.

It is perfectly right to get involved into governmental affairs and our economy. Those things will be. The world will go on as usual. People will laugh and play. Unknowingly it is upon us. Then the cleansing!

This may sound scary or even a pitch for a good novel and may or not even happen. But the time is ripe. Moving closer! We wait!

Church get busy and open your mouths. Not just behind closed doors, but make a noise outside! I've done my part! Nuff said!

Think about it!
God bless!
Where is the Church and big time ministers when God needs them?

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