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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Monday, June 6, 2011

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Santorum thinks poor people are on cocaine.
By Bishop Ward

SOMERSET, Pa - Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum entered the 2012 Republican presidential race today, saying he wants to protect American freedoms under threat from President Barack Obama.

Santorum charged that Obama has worked to undermine Americans' liberties, imposed a national health care plan that saps individual choices, spends billions of dollars that will add to the debt of future generations and that the president lacks faith in the nation's potential.

What is wrong this groups of Republicans running for the highest office of this nation. They all seem to think poor people are on crack and cocaine and don't remember or care what they, the conservatives, have done to this nation and what they want to do even further to it.

This party claim Obama want to take away our freedom when it is them that want to control the money and poor people lives.

Santorum talks about choices. Every one knows poor people have no choices. We are always at the mercy of those that have. The choices Republicans speak about is the freedom for them to make choices for us.

So for, their choices have been wrong for poor people and wrong for the country.  All we have is a good medical program given by Obama and they want the freedom to take it away. We have to be careful, because medicare for poor people is something the Republican Party has never wanted for us ever.

They speak about the debt. This debt brought us back from a recession they put us in. Now that we are out, they want to speak about the money it cost to do it. They don't like it.  "This don't sound patriotic to me".  It sound like Republicans wanted the country to fail.

The only reason Santorum and other Republicans are running for President is to return power back to big businesses, do away with unions and put more money and tax breaks into the hands of the rich while keeping wages low to control the growth of poor people.

Santorum is backed by many so-called Christians conservatives who follow and believe that healthcare for the poor is the wrong thing to give to poor people.

I believe the wrong thing for so-called Christian Conservatives to do is call themselves Christians.
Think about it!
God bless!
Santorum thinks poor people are on cocaine.

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