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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


                                             Are You Really Saved Or Lying                                           
What I’m about to tell you cannot be disputed by no one on the face of the earth.  I am always talking about the false church and how it has come to be flooded with lies that’s sending many on the road to hell by not having sense to understand scripture or just plain do not care.

Being that the world and especially the United States are living off sayings coming from decades of pastors and ministers that’s geared toward nothing but money, I have a spiritual goal  to reshape the mind of those believing for the benefit of saving a few. The bible speak of only a few.

Today is Sunday, the day of the Sun, and millions that claim Christianity and save by accepting Jesus will tear down the doors, literally, to hear what they received last week, because they keep forgetting how to be a Christians. All of these consider themselves saved and a Christian or they wouldn’t be there.

But, if you are not saved, as they say, don’t feel bad. They are not saved as they say either. Why? Because they cannot get enough of lying.  Lying, whether knowing the truth or not is still lying. Remember, God hates a liar as we precede.

Christians claim they are saved.  However, ... continue  ...

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