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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Can't Churches and Other religions Pray For Peace in the world

                                                          Weekend Finisher

It's mighty peculiar, then again its' not, that with all the different religious groups and particularly all the Christian Churches where Pastors have been and still are lying to people saying that God will do this and that are finding themselves being challenged.

The fact is, that none, and I mean none have ever, will never and cannot put together one prayer to God to stop the killing, wars, sicknesses and diseases that are plaguing the world over, not to mention right here at home.

Pastors have devised well oil phrases to con those at Church. Yet, we have had many wars, storms and diseases where Christian Church's and other Churches left fleeing in the face of them. When it's all over they come out from under the rock they hid under with their chest all stuck out starting again where they left off.

They know they control a group of cybogs that listen only to what they're told, unable to see truth when it stare them in the face. But the slick pastor will tell them that they were special and God saved them and let the sinners parish because they stayed faithful. "That God said he wouldn't let you down". "That God said to flee and that's what we did." "Want God answer prayer!" And the people said, Amen.Yea, right!

We have this very day a terrorist group called ISIS, in Iraq, beheading and slaying people like someone mowing grass with no thought. Why can't all these Churches come together and pray for this to stop? What about the sickness and disease happening right now in West Africa called Ebola?

Why Can't  the Churches and all religious groups come together to heal this sickness? The Pastors that's leading you said God would heal, bring peace and .... continue ......

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