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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Open Challenge To all Pastors To Prove God is Healing Through Them

                                                         Weekend Finisher

I have to make this challenge because pastors have turned the work of Christ into a backward twisted religion that has created just the opposite of what God intended for it to be.

I’ve never seen so many worldly people in all types of religions and especially Christianity that’s suppose to be the heart of what man should be, turned into a pitiful sicken fiasco of clowns and rebels running wild in the skin of the devil posing as Sons of God.

Pastor’s have been duped by Satan….. Yes,  Satan lost the battle for souls against Jesus but he has never stop his quest to defeat him. Here come slick pastors. His soldiers that preach salvation but with a twist and new scriptures written by them.

It’s easily for them to continue every Sunday for nearly 2000 years to tell you about the defeat of Satan by Jesus but if you haven’t learned how to defeat Satan based on what Jesus done upon the cross you haven’t defeated Satan at all.

It is one thing knowing how to defeat Satan but it’s another to actually fight and defeat him yourself and not try to live off what Jesus done as though Jesus completely cleared the way for you. So, instead of worrying about Satan you feel you have free reign  to do and live how ever you want.

You think just because you accepted what Jesus done on the cross you now think very little of Satan as force to be reckoned with. I hope you, as the reader, has not fell for Satan’s tricks. If so, I hope you will find your way and come back up fighting for your life.

It is pitiful again to listen to the silly things that continue to come out of the mouths of babes that’s been taught and trained by pastors of Satan. I see shows on TV where people are thanking God and so called praying to him after doing things that can only pleases Satan without thought or conscious. Yet, they pretend God is guiding their path no matter how deranged they are. They can’t see for being blind.

It seem that every rotten minded musical star will tell you they got their start from their Church, under their pastor and all those deacons, trustees and mothers that signified to them that secular music and other filthy jobs are the path God has chosen for them.

That all they now have to do is use this gift that God gave them, especially, to sing soul, pop, rock, hip-hop country music, filthy dances and movies and so on, just give God the praise and continue on. If God didn’t want you doing it he wouldn’t have..... continue.....

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