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Monday, May 20, 2013

Week End Finisher
Will Church People Ever Graduate Or Continue to Fail
I believe that ministers will pay a bigger price for their tricks and games than most think. They have become so comfortable in conning God's people until they no longer have a conscious. They no longer feel. Money has made them numb.

You, as readers, should have by now crossed over into another level of understanding. You should not still be believing in things unseen except that of the existence of God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Heavenly Kingdom that awaits us. Your eyes are open and you should clearly see that Love is the foundation of God and that this is the bottom line of what God allowed Jesus to bring to us, and we should believe in Jesus for that good news. We all know that love transcend all, and I'll come back to this later.

I was watching TV and suddenly an advertisement appeared telling the public "there's going to be an fiery Holy Ghost filled Church extravaganza at this particular Church with some of the biggest stars (get this, "stars") in the surrounding areas speaking. Every one should come out and get a blessing from the Lord."

I thought to myself how foolish are the ignorant and what a need it is for God's warrior to speak out against those that has the intent to rob God's people of not just their money but to take advantage of their hurt and pain through wise tales and sleek ingenuity. The people beguiled not knowing they walk in the midst of snakes and bats having their very soul sucked from them.

These kind of activities has been going on for thousand of years and for thousands of years folks has been running to them by leaps and bounds never coming away with no more than what they went in with.  Yet, all went in with the knowledge of Jesus.

One by one most came out and within minutes and hours having the knowledge of Jesus once again fired up immediately turn back to their old selves of loving Satan more than God. History has proved this. Look at the person next to you. Maybe not that person, but you have a lot of Church goers all around you that belong to the night, so to speak. Maybe filthy mouth people just to get your thoughts going.

This is because Pastors have been running businesses and not the Church that God intended for them to get the good news out to the people from. Pastors today think God elevated the position of Pastorship or Minister to a power position of "Tax Collectors" or  "IRS" agents or ...... continue..

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