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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week End Finisher
What are blessings and why lie about them
Every where across the world people are using the words bless and blessing like free every day give away's giving out by the millions. Now a days you can't hardly hold a decent conversation with a so-called Christian with out them speaking a lie or telling some twisted explanation of a scripture from the bible they don't even understand.

The Church has focus so much of it's time on using "blessing" as a mean to keep their congregation together for money sakes until the true explanation of God's blessings have been deliberately unexplained. Unexplained because if they didn't teach  " God will bless you in any situation" they would have no one to preach too because people love to hear that God is still healing and giving with out one having to work for it. This sound good and rate another offering.

In every Church the word bless and blessing are in every sermon. And the Pastor is willing to speak of "God handing out blessing because he loves you" whether some members are suffering from sickness and diseases of every imaginable kind or not at the time.

They have no pity in preaching this knowing that death rule out the kind of blessing they claim God will overcome for those believing a blessing will turn into a miracles for saving sakes yet, the funerals continue. Continue...

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