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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Finisher

"Sisterhood" TV Religious show a Slap in God's Face

There's a real life so-called religious show I recently watched on TV called "Sisterhood", a so-called religious show, showing the lives of black pastors wives, their pastor husbands, children and moments in their luxurious Churches. Maybe later on white pastors may get on it or create the same, which remain to be seen.

As a minister, I do my best to watch as well as pray to see and rule out bad  principles that show up God in the eyes of secular people as foolishness. And I can say to all that read my messages, if you watch this program keep in mine of how the Bible say we are not to carry ourselves and remember the messages I've written about the such.

This is a secular show posing as a religious show. It's character format is the same as all other shows of it's likeness where there is arguing, gossip, backbiting, greed, lust and yes, money. It's story line start off disgracing God with gossip, money, jealousy, envy, greed and sneakiness.

First of all, real Christians would have had enough Spirit of God in them not to follow in the foot steps of other worldly shows like the Braxtons, Real House wives of Georgia, Mary Mary, T-boz, and many more which eventually make them at times look like fools.

Sisterhood first showing showed pastors and their wives bashing in money they received from their Church members, while two of the pastor's wives invite another pastor and his wife over to find out sneakily why they lost their Church because they think they are hiding something. They pretended they liked them by inviting them to a small dinner. They let go on them with questions and rolling eyes.

Two wives invite this same pastor wife to a separate dinner and keep hammering her about their past Church situation, then gets angry when this certain wife quoted scriptures on them, which was out of order I agree, but they invited her over to set her up for the questions and answer session, so they shouldn't have gotten mad when this pastor's wife rebel against them.

This particular pastor's wife they were bashing was acting like a freak. She acted like she was working for the devil rather than having common sense actions. What I mean was, she kept saying she was a woman of the kingdom and all other things these silly Holy Churches pretend God tell them to do, act or say. Read more

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