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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Finisher
Carnal Christians, Guns, and Hell
This is a message I should not have to write or even talk about but it is necessary to get you to see that when I speak against Christianity, the way it is presented, I am absolutely correct.

First, let me tell you that all of these Guns bearers who want to have the ability to kill any one who want to limit their ability to own high powered guns and ammunitions are the same people who call themselves Christians. They are largely Republicans and many Democrats posing as Christians.

When I look at the teachings of Jesus, I see that most carnal Christians are following their own twisted thoughts twisted even more by their twisted pastors that join in with other gun owners, not to live peaceful, but stress the use and spread of guns in order to bring down order in the United States if they have to share their wealth and guns with poor people they think want to take back their Ameirca.

Guns are about two things. Killing in order to protect their greed and killing because it's in their genes to do so. Carnal Christians are foolish thinking sinners who think they are doing what's right. They attend Church but never come to the understanding of the truth. Yet, they think they are near the heart of God.

What is a carnal minded Christian? It is a person that spends all their time around church, learning, studying and even teaching but doesn't live up to what they learned or teach. They seem to others as true Christians until they open their foolish mouth, their dark hearts and begin to spew out vomit.

We find a lot of these types on twitter, face book and others places throughout the Internet and in most Churches across America, mainly Republican's but also Democratic ones, having foul mouths pretending to be Christians.

We are now having a good look at heart felt gun loving carnal minded people who worship the gun rather than God. Peace to them is not love nor trying to bring people together. Neither is it turning the other cheek or put down thy dagger gun Peter but fight on to protect thy nation from the poor beggars of crum by blowing their brains out.

Education in warfare is taking aim at the heart and head with a Bush Master automatic, squeeze fast and hold, delivering just as many rounds to the body until the gun empty it's magazine then shout for joy thanking the Lord for making the gun because he, the real killer, didn't really kill the poor soul but the gun that God made possible did. So all is well with thy soul and eternity with God is still guaranteed. Amen!  Glory be to the gun god! Read more at

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