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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rick Perry is lying about Obama patriotism. Does that mean conservative so-call Christians are liars too?

Weekend Finisher!

Rick Perry has out a new ad claiming Obama have not created one job. What a liar. Over two millions jobs have been created.  He stated in so many words that Obama was not an Americans by challenging his patriotism like he does not care for America because he is not American. Another lie.

This bertha issue has already been proven to be a lie as to where Obama was born.  He's American.  Another lie by the Rick Perry and his so-called Christian followers. However, like  creeps they are, I believe the birtha issue will be an issue in the coming 2012 election. Why? Because Satan loves a lie and is the father of it.

Republicans embraces lies like hot dogs and apple pie. Like lima beans in it's own thick gravy season with just a hint of sugar and juicy ham hocks served with home cooked savory biscuits. This means that they can really get into lie and twist the truth real good.

But I put forth this question? If Rich Perry ads are full of lies and those lies are supported by so-called Christians, then wouldn't that make Republican so-called Christians liars too! Wouldn't that make them coconspirators and deserve hell time for their involvement in the lie. I think so.

I believe the bible teaches, no, I know the bible teaches that no liar shall and will never enter heaven. So have I been telling the truth all along that so-called Christian conservatives cannot be true Christians because they lie and embrace lies and liars. It seem I am right again. "OUuuuPs, there it issss"!
Think about it!

So-called Christian conservatives are bound for hell. Now is the time to repent.
Bishop Ward

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