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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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What does theTea Party so-called Christians have in store for America if they win the White House.

What Democratic liberal Christians have to fear from Republican so-called Christians running the government.

Never before has we, the American people, faced such a force as that forming before us, as that of the Tea Party, since from the days of ancient when rich and powerful rulers used wizards and mystical sootsayers, charms and trickery of  dreams to control the lives of poor peasants.

They further enriched their store houses with burdensome taxes on the poor while the rich paid nothing. When Aristocrats and nobility was able to convince really ignorant peasants that it was Robin Hood making their life bad and not the loving caring rich. (..then he spitted towards the ground....)

Such is the thinking of the Tea Party and their so-called Christian followers. A powerful asphalt rolling political cult backed by aristocrats and powerful slick wizards known as the so-called Christian Conservative smoothing machine rolling over poor peasants for the sake of ruling the American government and then slowly the world.

Like the crusaders, who thought they to were doing the will of God by murdering Jews failed, the Tea Party so-called Christian Conservatives are also fooled and charm by Satan into thinking they can use the highest office of the government to misused the constitution and twist the words of the Bible in order to usher in the kingdom of God.

They are fools and unlearned false prophets and teachers overseeing large church organizations and other large media outlets to fool the very elect, if that was possible.  Blind leading the blind pretending they are perfect for changing the world and governments. They are Lazarus' preparing to ditch out crumbs.

The Tea Party plans are to control every aspect of the government with no Democrats at all in office. They will then have laws changed to give them power to do what ever is necessary for the betterment of the country and God by sticking it to the poor.

Doing away with the Democratic Party leave no one to challenge them. They can change and make new laws as they see fit. Using fear to control the masses they make Islamic terrorist look like toddlers.

So powerful, the Tea Party so-called Christians began to rewrite certain scriptures to indicate to their followers that the return of Christ will not take place in Jerusalem but the United States. They even convince other nation's so-called Tea Party Christian conservatives to join them.

Their agenda will include killing homosexuals instead of trying to convert them. Lock up, beat, and kill immigrants and even attempt to bring back slavery to all minorities because their hate will be fueled by fire and unchallenged.

They will want only one religion. Christianity! and will kill to make it so by targeting Islam and it's people. Labeling them as a threat and began another crusade slaying them in the name of their god. Terrorist nations will be secretly bombed.

The Democratic Liberal Christian and so-call Christians will not be spared from their hate. Like the crusaders killing the Jews, the so-called Christian Conservative Tea Partiers will demand Christian Liberals to convert or die. There can only be one type of religion, and that's conservative religion. (.....Think about. We are already divided into liberal religion vs conservative religion....)

However, they will run into problems when faced with the Catholic Church who wanted this position for ever for themselves. The conservative conquest will be foiled, but it will not stop them from doing away with the Catholic Church here in America claiming they are anti-Christ, a false religion and must be done away with.

Conservatives will began to kill other conservative of the Catholic Church.
Jews will realize they have no protector in America because chaos has broken out as we find killing, looting, robbing and burning braking out all over this country. Because of the Tea Party the Jews find themselves surrounded again by Muslims nations as they use American foolishness as cover to attack them.  They will have to battle harder than ever. They must hold on until the west come to their senses.

Don't believe the hype that they don't have a leader. Some body have to be in charge to set the agenda, organize and plan. Everything has a beginning and some body had to start the Tea Party. That's your leader. No matter how many different factions there are all have a leader.  And all are backed by rich men pulling string from behind the scenes. Secret powerful backers who set the stage of the world as they want it.

This is a nice story I'm telling where I'm going out on a limb, may be painting a picture of untruth for the sake of truth. But is this so impossible. No! Is this just writing from my pen. No!. Do the Tea Party and so-called Christian Conservatives really want to control and restore the kingdom of God themselves. Yes! This is true.

What I visioned is in the works if the Tea Party get grip on America as they want.
Click below and have a scary chilling affect as more real truth is unveil before your sight. Enjoy and read other places where Satan is leading the Conservative Party.

So-called Christian Conservatives need to be saved. Repent and get true knowledge.
Think about it!

Bishop Ward

What does the Tea Party so-called Christians have in store for America if they win the White House.

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