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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

False Evangelicals And Part Time Lovers Of The False Church!

Yes, those packing Church houses are the same that participate in worldly and ungodly behaviors. However, on Sunday these same people flock to these buildings by the millions. Each recognizing their own.

 In fact, Sunday worship is dedicated to those that need or feel they need to be “just reminded” of God without actually having to commit to the entire will of God.  This is like a part time lover without full commitments. Such is a whore.

Evangelicals are pretenders and part time lovers. They can write and even teach what is right but they cannot follow what they teach or hear.

As bad as our president is, Evangelicals cannot see nor can bring themselves to see any wrong in the actions and character of Donald Trump. Beating women is OK with them! Sexual harassment of women and men are OK with them! Lying repeatedly is OK with them. They even say he is a good Christian man!

These are false Christians and the fact to prove it is that they are fighting against God. The Bible, the word of God they swore to abide in, is acted on in just the opposite. They are so blind and filled with so many centuries of committed hate and separative belief that they are harden to real truth, thereby, being unbothered by what they have become and truly believe in.

 Sin is personally rated and graded on their standard, and standards of others, as, “this is how we or I see it based on my own interpretation” rather than the interpretation of a true Christian in which the word of God is made plain to them.

The argument of scripture being interpreted differently by each one that read it is caught in a justifying lie created by Satan to cause confusion and cast Jesus as being a liar by those that speak such a thing to continue such a thing.

These are those in Satan’s army working to defeat the word of God by challenging certain aspects of scripture that has nothing to do with the overall reason for the gospel, “salvation”. Evangelicals deal in part time confusion with long lasting conclusions of hardship toward others without compassion and all is mine or nothing.

So why are they willing to risk their salvation? What on earth could grab their attention and consume their hearts and minds to turn on God? How can people of this sort still pretend to practice Christianity but not wanting to follow God’s doctrines?

Two reasons! Money leading to richness and power leading to control. The power consists of one race domination and world domination. Neither having compassion. Money to live a life of kings and queens as they drain poor people of their dignity and pursuit of happiness.

Yes, this is the flight of the false Church and the way of life for Evangelical worshipers of Satan. It is also the way of life for all false Churches that lie on God, and there and many. 

Twisting the word of God is not just limited to craze Evangelicals but to all that fall for their tricks and try to be like them.  Yea, the entire system of Christianity has been corrupted. It is the world that come together on Sunday and even through the week day as part time lovers before returning to their first love, the world once again, over and over.

Yea, nothing but the righteous shall see God. Luke warm and half and half is the sons and daughters of Satan. …Can’t be trusted by God! Think about it!... Read more truth at

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trump's Shit Hole Racist Remark and Evangelicals Love For Him

Republican  Conservatives False Church Supports Trump’s “Shit hole” Racist Remarks….!
Evangelical State they Love Donald Trump!

If you have not heard the latest racial remark from Donald Trump, then let me state what he said about blacks from Haiti and Africa. He called these nations, “shit hole” countries, meaning blacks and even you are part of these shit hole nations.

 It is said that his base will not be affected by this. He will lose no followers because this is what the love to hear and this is why they voted Trump into office.

Now guess who they are? They are the racist Evangelicals that voted for him because he says things they want to say. They, the Evangelicals said Trump say what they want to say.

Now who are these Evangelical followers of Donal Trump that you love?  Here are a few. They are:

Joel Olsteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Myers, Mark and Grass Driscoll, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwal Jr., Pat Roberson, TD Jakes, John Hagee, Tim Lahaye, Tony Perkin, Charles Stanley, Creflo Dollar, Carrie Underwood, Chuck Swindoll, Benny Hinn, Juanity Bynum, Kenneth Copeland, Hal Linsey, Jimmy Swaggart, Don Stewart, Charles Stanley, Paula White, Jack Van Impe, and many others.

Yes, these racists, liars, fake and false schemers and robbers preach love to you and no nothing of it. Why would you follow and or support people of this sort.

Listen up! It doesn’t matter how nice or sweet a person respond to you. It is their vote that divide you. I’ll say it again, ‘it is their “VOTE” that separate them and us.

These voted for trump and accept all his stupidity. He was sinister before they voted for him and they knew what kind of man he was but voted any way for him. No excuse!

If you listen to what these people say and find yourself loving them, then you are no better than they are. You start to think like they think. If you are a Democratic Christian you should be teaching them, not them teaching you. We believe in togetherness as the saints and not division as the devil.

Hate and racist toleration will not enter heaven. If they want to call me out as being wrong, then I accept your or their challenge. These Evangelicals are among the highest Evangelicals in this nation. Why don’t they speak out against Donald Trump?

Why not? Because they love it. After the remarks made by Trump, we should see Evangelical TV personalities all over the news denouncing Trump’s actions. Sadly, we won’t! Yrt I hope for the best.

Conservatives love Trump and these Conservatives, most, claim Evangelical status.
By the way, black conservatives and Evangelicals are just as dangerous as White Racist Evangelicals. Why? Because they all vote the same and along side every racist group in our nation and love it. Remember, our vote determine who we really are. You think Trump will lose this base? Don’t bet on it!

God love color or he would not have made us. He would not have put us together on this earth and told us to build it together and multiply. He did not pick anyone or race to dominate over another but to live together in harmony always seeking peace and love between our brothers and sisters. This is the intent.

But power, greed, money, powerful weapon threat, thieving, robbing, for ever conquest of territory and Satan as Captain has always led to a greater nation rising out of the ash with blood on its hand calling itself the greatest, biggest, baddest nation on earth. Even claiming God is standing behind it when God state, as I paraphrase, I know you not. United States!

Yet, a corrupt nation that power will endure until it is no longer needed to a surprise that there is some one greater and great is his name, Jesus Christ.

As true Christians we are to be watchful of those that would defame the word of God. We are not to love them so as to not call them out on their lies and wicked ways. We boldly defend and teach the gospel.

Conservatives, not all, but most, are dangerous to the kingdom of God. You want a ministry? It’s all around you, not in a building. Read more truth at

Monday, January 1, 2018

History Of Evangelical Extremists And Racist Groups

Why someone, especially a black person would find it interesting to follow the services of conservative pastors, Evangelicals or any conservative speaking anything about Jesus should have their head examine.

It was just stated that 78 percent of Republicans adore and support the antics, filthy mouth and racial behavior or Trump. Do you know that 78 percent are those that claim Evangelicals affiliation. These are the same ones that want to teach you about God
yet, know nothing of how to actually live for him or represent him.

Do you know that the Evangelical is an extremist movement, like radical Islam, that was started in Britain and brought to this country in 1738 during the heart of slavery when already strict and harsh protestants views of owning slaves dominated the time. These protestant wasted no time in joining them, causing their movement to grow and even penetrated the government.

Ordinary protestants views of love and let the word of God draw men toward it did not fit their radical views. They took the word of God out of context and elevated it to extremist views not in keeping with compassion.

Evangelicals up held separation of races or any other group of people that did not look white like them or conform to their belief. They bought, sold, raped and killed slaves as they worshiped God the same time.

Thus, slavery was top of their agenda. Blacks was not  human being to them and should be treated as animals in the name of the Lord. Selling and exchanging slaves and keeping them far away from the Bible kept them from challenging Evangelicals belief.

The gun became the tools of change rather than the word of God. These Evangelicals believe, as do today, that guns are needed for protection of Christians rather than biblical love that could fit the law of man to treat all humans equally and fairly. A rejection of such by Evangelicals.

Evangelicals claim they took their strict extremist views from scripture. However, God did not require anyone to force another to serve him. It is free for any one to come and receive on their own. 

Evangelicals twist the word of God and use it to humiliate, degrade, force through threats of harsh treatment to bully or make someone become a Christian. The bible say to let them come freely. If not, “shake the dust from your feet” and move on.

Evangelicals lead and form campaigns and groups to attack and even kill those that did not change to their type of believing. Atheists was another challenge for them.

However, it was hard to convince atheists of Christianity when Evangelicals was responsible for most of the hate, robbery, killing and taking advantage of the law that was largely representative of them and by them and not for the little person..

Evangelicals continued to do more harm to Christianity as it grew throughout the United States. They coined the phrased, “a Christian nation” as they continued their attacks on blacks and kill with guns and hangings without worrying about the law.

They wanted the country to be called a Christian nation, something that can never become by the hands of man. But the United States soon was called a Christian nation even though they did not respect human rights of blacks and other minorities.

For some reason, they thought such a phrase would cause God to bless their hateful actions by pretending to offer a nation up in his honor.

Evangelicals even thought and think today that they are the true worshipers of God and all remaining protestants are no more than infidels. Either you are an Evangelical or you are a sinner and bound for hell….. “Now where have we heard this same comment from?” From Islamic terrorists and radical religious teaching.

While pushing away and alienating the very people they are suppose to draw near to God
they use their political and business buddies connections to became rich and wealthy using the poor and their labor as their means of wealth.  They claimed this wealth is a blessing from God while keeping slave workers in barely existing conditions.

Slavery continued for another 112 years, 2-3 years more after the signing of the Emancipation in 1863 under the Evangelicals that were now struggling to rule the nation against other parties.

As the movement moved into the early 20th century, more radical racial groups claiming Christian and Evangelical identity joined the movement. One such group called the Ku Klux Klan arose out of it believing God wanted to do away with blacks and calling then “Niggers)“ to degrade them.. However, Evangelicals and past protestants way back in the 1800’s called blacks niggers.   

The Klan lead hate squads, started and expanded other hate groups as they attack, raped and killed blacks and even white sympathizers wad killed and suffered under them as they claimed their Evangelical Christian belief that blacks should be killed, ran out of the country or go back to Africa.

Evangelical and or KKK blamed blacks and other races for white men not having jobs and that blacks took away jobs from them and their families. Such extremist view took hold and spread through out the nation where even today this same Evangelical view is still  raised. It is a call to rally suggestion against the poor versus the wealth of the Evangelicals.

Again, Evangelicals was now covering the United States but no more visible than in the south where they grew enormously. The South became known as the “Bible Belt.”  The spread their bible knowledge along with their hate, love of gun and wealth. They even coined the phrased, “guns, God and glory.”

Evangelicals began to distant themselves even more from traditional Christian protestants and declared themselves the true trustees of the word of God. They denounce the traditional Christian as soft and out of touch with the word of God. Thus, political parties was split in half with each having their own belief on Christianity.

While traditional Christians tried to spread the word of God through compassion for the poor, better jobs and opportunities through the Democratic Party, Evangelicals Republican Conservatives set themselves to take over the government in order to set laws that benefited mostly their greed and reverse laws or prevent laws from being carried out justly against those they dislike and despise.

They struggle to put Evangelicals in political positions and on the Supreme Court that would make laws that helped them discriminate and win against those that wouldn’t bend to their will. 

As they slowly saw their power diminishing they began to make more harsh and extreme moves by denouncing certain ways and habits they claim was a sin. They adopted two  topics from the bible and made them extreme. These became their primary issues as working for God and saving America.

These are, abortion and homosexuality. Out of all the sin man does Evangelicals picked these two as the greatest sin any one could commit. These became their postal child. To them, they are worst than murder, rape, stealing, fornication, adultery and oh yea, lying, pride, glutton, greed, envy, lust, sloth and wrath!

They taught that any women that aborted a child would end up in hell. This became such an issue that Evangelical extremists began killing and blowing up abortion clinics in the name of God.

Foolishly they believe killing those that they do not like was not as greater sin as killing clinical doctors. It was OK and a blessing sent from God as they saw it.

However, abortion is debatable and controversial and God would never be involved is any thing that was controversial. Some abortion are controversial and some are not by others standard. Each must be weighed by the individual themselves and let God make the final decision and not man.

When one is engaged in sin daily, they have no right to condemn another. These are foolish people harassing others with hell before them. Fix yourself up first before you start judging others.

Next, was homosexuality. From the bible they rightly saw it was wrong according to scripture and taught that a man on man or woman on woman was sinful and an abomination to God.

Though they are right, they waited to long with other protestants to confront the issue. Since laws was stiffen and discrimination and violent and racist acts against blacks brought heavy penalties, Evangelicals turned their attention toward homosexuality.

However, homosexuality got out of hand before attempts to reach out to them. But as homosexuality began to grow and laws made to protect them, Evangelicals became furious. Evangelicals saw that the only recourse to fighting back at gays and gay right laws was through politics.

Evangelicals seek to put on the Supreme Court and did, those judges calling themselves Evangelicals, that would work the laws in their favor and reverse previous laws given them and block future laws.

But Evangelicals will never stop their efforts on abortion or homosexuality. Nothing will stop their extremist views. Others are building walls for Donald Trump to discriminating against immigrants.

But their best postal child that’s easy pitch is abortion. This so called sin has now replace gay batching and rose to number one as the greatest sin ever committed. It drive the entire Republican Party and Conservative way of voting.

 Nothing else matter. No other sins matter, because they believe God will punish those that abort a child and let them, the dividers, haters, racists enter heaven.

For decades Evangelicals have drove and kept churches from becoming one. They fail to see that Christians are teachers of all righteousness to others that does not know and those that know but choose to steer their own lives. They  are not the law and neither or we.

Christians are not to degrade and embarrass others into becoming a Christian. We as Christian merely put the true word out. It’s up to anyone to accept or reject it. After making it known we move on to others that will hear.

Lastly, let not forget the other postal child I did not mention. It’s called wealth! Most Evangelicals and especially pastors and speakers look for fortunes. To get it they teach wealth and how to hold on to it. Prosperity!

They use tithing and given mix with false blessings from God to confuse the poor into making them rich first through diving, then they can get rich afterward, which most people never do.

They have thousands of followers that can’t see they will never become Christians because they are unable to learn and constantly need to be told how to act or what to believe in.

Evangelicals, such as those following Donald Trump love a lie and cannot differentiate from the truth and the lie. They will make up a lie in attempts to prove a lie. There involvement in politics have rotten their relation with a Lord they think love their antics.

One of the worst characters of the Evangelicals are there links to major racist extremists  groups. They are Racist and there is a reason why all racist group are in their party and call themselves Evangelicals.

Evangelicals are Alt Right hate groups, Rights of White, KKK remnants, skin heads and the list goes on. To do away with these groups will do away with Evangelicals and put the country back on track of handing out compassion to every human being regardless of who they are.

Major Evangelical pastors and speakers that tell and talk to you about loving are at the same time hating and supporting their party no matter how much vomit are coming out of it. They remain silent and pretend they are not for the extremist views of these organizations while remaining conservatives and all voting on the same issues for the same reason.

Like they say, “Donald Trump speak for them“.  Racist groups speak for them also. No wonder they will not come out and condemn them. I believe there are two reason why. 1. Is because they will be condemning themselves and the entire Republican and Conservative Party and 2.  Through greed, they cannot anger the foolish ones sending them or given them their money.

I feel sorry for any Evangelical that think God has sided with them. Not Just Evangelicals but other folks also that believe they need to find a place to “go to church“ and not know that they need not go any where if the word of God is in them. Then they are the Church.

For anyone seeking to accept the true nature of God should reject the Extremist Evangelicals Movement. We are the children of God. Not the children of hell and sons and daughters of Satan.

Evangelicals must learn like ordinary true protestants that there are more than one or two sins or one sin is greater than the other to God. Lying is a sin. Hate is a sin. Having no compassion is a sin.  Thinking you are better than blacks or Spanish or poor whites are a sin. Praising a liar is a sin.  Degrading another is a sin. Supporting violence acts are a sin. Stealing from you congregation is a sin.

Fornication is a sin, your building churches are full of them. Adultery is a sin, your building church is full of them. Lying on God and God the Son about Christ birth and that he has a sister name Easter is a sin.

The list goes on, but abortion and gay life to them is a challenge given personally to them from God to put down. But it is these two that is rooted in the belly of Satan to keep Evangelicals steadying the course.

Forget about other sins they say, God will look the other way. Not true! We are judged against all sin. And since Evangelicals will never change, I will conclude that their end can be no less than hell.

If you are hanging around some Evangelicals person, notice their likeness with the devil, I will list a few. 1. Speaking softly and sweet for some to woo you into their wed. 2. Require and always looking to make more money through schemes. 2. Pretending to be God’s counselors. 3. Gathering people in buildings while lying to them and asking money from them to further the gospel. 4. They are loud. 5. Talk and say things that are not true and cannot prove it. 6. Sinful shouting and false speaking in tongues. 7. Rolling on floors and laughing. 8.  Always smiling when nothing is funny. 9. Telling people God will heal them but they must use their medical insurance card first by going to doctors. 10. Act crazy acting when challenged, unwilling to hear and when they hear do not understand. 11. Love to respond back with a scripture that does not and never prove what they think they are saying. 12. Belong to some under denominational back wood church where pretending of having power is practice with never no results. Resist expressing this power,  in nursing homes and places where people are critical, but behind and in closed buildings.

We are the children of God and our job is to spread good will toward all men PERIOD!
Denounce Evangelicals as evil workers against God and the Kingdom to come
Read more truth at

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Hypocrites and The False Church

Good morning world and happy holidays celebrating the beginning and nearing of Omega, the ending of another year of prosperity, great harvest and blessings. Being blessed is always and not just one day, even from the beginning of time.

For those that choose to say Merry Christmas and continue to believe there is a certain time or day for god’s love and that, that love is combined and shared with a Santa Claus and these people are not bothered nor care they lie about God son’s birth, I can only say,  “I feel sorry for you!”

Anyone that does such a thing is an enemy of God and a friend to the world. If I can’t trust you with the truth then how can God trust you? Where could you fit in future plans of God if you refuse to stop lying and find it fun?

“Christmas is the greatest lie ever told.” A liar will not enter the Kingdom of God. You play or pretend you are righteous, but this lie and the many more lies told on God is unforgivable and that person, no matter how many God’s name come through their or your lips or what false ministers and pastors say otherwise, these lies will send you and them to hell.


Today, is just a fake day, where tomorrow rekindle the hate that was never lost, even on this day. Today, the same False Christians on the right will still despised the False Christians on the left. Even, the KKK and skin heads wish you a Merry Christmas.

Tomorrow, for most, will never give a gift of love again for the next 12 months. Those given food must wait another 12 months to get any more. False Christians must wait another 12 months to hear and have the story of Jesus read to them like babies.

When I hear the word Christmas and Donald Trump, the greatest liar I’ve ever heard in my life time, wish other Christmas lovers a Merry Christmas, it make me cringe. The only other liar that is greater and smiling is the true father of lies, none other than Satan.

How bout that! Satan is the father of lies and guess who his children are? We no one is Donald Trumps and his followers and the others are…..Christmas Hypocrites!!!!!!!!! Well, you “Think about it!”

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Need To Go To Church And Do What?

This morning I am blessed as always with life in me and hope that after death this blessing, giving since the creation of mankind, continue afterward for ever.

To hope what I want is made possible, I must not only swallow the word of God, but my life, as best as I can, must reflect this character of God and will of God in me throughout my stay on earth.

Now, here are facts! The word of God is like having driver’s operating license. You are not legally allowed to be on the highway pretending to have Operating License with passing a test.

 But once you or me pass the driver’s test, we can call ourselves a “Legal Driver Operator.” We now must take what we learned,  go forth and upon highways all over and drive with freedom and safety.

The same for anyone that call one self a Christian. They must apply what they learned also. You cannot call yourself a Christian until you have agreed to honor the test, the rules, regulations and or the whole written word as it determine our salvation.

Only after you agree to abide can you now go out and within the world representing God and Jesus (God). This is a promise you made to do every day by having the written word (pass the test) living and working in you and us every day.

Then and only then can you or me call ourselves a “Christian.“ Unlike driver’s license, using the name Christian is free to use just as confessing of sins is free for anyone any place wanting to give themselves over to the Lord. Anyone can call themselves a Christian.

But using or calling ones self a Christian and being ignorance of it’s application around you and in you is illegally pretending to be a Christian. If one have to rely on another to teach them what they should already know as a Christian, then they cannot be a Christian but a false pretender.

A false Christian is one that re-laps early Sunday morning. They loses all knowledge and everything they supposed to have learned, to now go to church to learn about Jesus and God over and over again.

Such is an indication this person cannot function individually off the word of God they falsely claim they have. They need the comfort of others and the atmosphere that taunt others in believing falsely that all that is there are truly Christians.

If you go outside of your self to find what is suppose to be in you (church) to receive the word of God hidden or stored behind an altar in a false church, you are not a Christian.

Now, what do you go for? What are you looking For? There are nothing there but lies. They can’t heal, they can’t pray for any one, no one need go through a pastor to receive God (it’s free for the asking), Christians need no pastor, Christian need not someone to remind them to do right. The pastor and all that is there carry and have health insurance to take care of their sickness because they know they must go to a physical doctor, they run to doctors freely and the bible state, God does not live in any house made by hands.

So why the outside Church? You tell me! For fun and game, for fun and games is all I‘ve seen..

Each as Christians should be teaching one and more. You can’t do this sitting on your aspirins. Think about it!  Read more truths at Facebook and

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Church Shootings Stupidity And Lies Of The So-Called False Christian Church…

For Years I have been warning of the false church and those heads of sanctuaries and those that go there are liars and sinners of God. Many times I made every one out to be liars in stupid things they say. Many became so mad that they blocked me out on face book because I called them liars because of their false teaching and believing they have some kind of power from God and that God is doing things for them.

Many times I said that man is supposed to do for himself and God in the end is our Judge. I’ve said that pastors are doing nothing but leading good folks to hell because of lies that God hate.

I’ve spoke of no such thing as the building, called church and God did not dwell in them and you cannot worship God in them and it is no place for protection. “Whew!”

I’ve said there was no such thing as God working through your prayers or faith can and will heal you. No, not even prayer. Why? Because I’ve told you prayer and faith was not for healing or no one would ever die or get sick since most in the United States claim to be Christians.

Guess what? Lying Christians carry health insurance for sickness and pay by the month to keep it active. I guess they really do not believe in their own false teachings of “turning it over to God.”

Well all I’ve said have finally come to roost or finally come to the light and now, you that have challenged me and you that have fled from me is now thinking of me. Everything you tried to make me wrong at is now also being questioned in the media.

The Church shootings are proposing questions these fake ministers, pastors and followers can only give stupid answers to, like, it’s God’s will, God has a purpose, who can question God and so on. Really!!!

These pastors even over thousands of years does not even know nor can they answer why someone walk into a false church and kill people while they are praying God and God, so to speak, let it happen.

On and on I hear nothing but lies from these pastors that struggle to justify a lie for what happen. For that which they cause by not teaching the gospel but used it to rob the people.

Well, here is the truth again to you. 1. The building is not a place of worship. You are (scripture)! 2. God does not live in a house made by hand. (scripture) 3. You are the Temple Of God (scripture). 4. The word can only be housed in you, not a building which make you holy ground (scripture). 5. The crucifixion did away with the old ways of worshiping. Scripture as outlined above. 6. As Christian, we are not given protection in the flesh but judged on how we conduct our lives in the flesh. 7. There are no false altars nor priests standing in between us and Christ.

I hear pastors trying to struggle or make sense why another child died and the other didn’t and the answer was that God must have something for that child or person to do. Not True! Big lie!

We are determined by our acceptance of the word of God and we get it from the written word called the bible. This is our tutor, our blue print to salvation. There is no God down here re-teaching it in in the dark to anyone. We all have a choice to read it and go by it for ourselves.

Now what’s so great about this child or children more than the next person child or love one? What’s so special that the God of the universe would stop all activities in the universe to come rescue one person or persons, your child? For what? Is there an intent to re write the gospel? No! Therefore, this is a lie also.

Here again, if there would have been no gathering in a false church, lying on God, these killing would not have occurred on that day in that location.

Proof of God not dwelling in building has now been seen in churches all over false America and people are so dumb and blind that they can’t see what is truth right before there faces.

Listen and learn! 1. We are protected by the military and government, this is weapons, fighter planes, submarines, nuclear weapons and millions of troops surrounding America not God (true).  2. We are protected by the police to the fact that the police was called and not God. Commonsense. 3. If the church building or your home is burning down you will call the fire department and not God. You may get all foolish and pretend to call God, but it is the fire department you look to show up.

4. Guess who watches over you at night? Is it God or the police that wander the neighborhoods and highways all night? 5. What rescue do you call on in times of hurricanes,  floods and so on. Is it human rescuers or is it God and his angels?

Musical gathering, programs and funerals upon other things can be done in these building just as in any other building because it is just another building. But to say this is a place of worship and man must go there to worship in peace is proven lie.

Well, it is known that a liar will not enter heaven can only mean, “many, many that say Lord, Lord, I don’t know them.” saith the Lord.

Yes, pastors have taken the greatest gospel on earth and made and making a mockery of it to those already thinking Christians are full of it. False characters and lying actions are pushing the can be’s into the hands of other devils and or religions.

In the true gospel, every Christian should be a minister and teacher to another. Just think if such was truly done by all that claim Christianity?

Yes, for me, it is disheartening to watch and listen to these lunatics, men and women in the media and from these false churches, one behind the other turning God into someone to be questioned and seen as a liar when God promise no such thing other than salvation.

A mockery is clearly shown and someone in the end will pay with their lives for the lives they caused to be lost!

 The truth, Hard but factual…..Any one, prove me wrong! Think about it. Read more truth at and on Facebook.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


In Charlottesville Virginia these so called Christians of the KKK and Neo Nazi groups are out in the streets protest their right to continue hate and intimidation. They have been embolden by the hateful speech, radical and tough talk by our luna tick President, Donald Trump.

Other big time Republicans and Evangelic So called Christians are silent. They are silent because they believe in what is being acted out by the same people and president they say speak, say and do that which they say they want to speak, say and do. Trump and these nationalist idiots speaks for the Christian Conservatives and Republicans.

Other so called Christians are out in the streets fighting and protesting against these racist groups for wanting rights to utilize free speech as a right to legally spit out hate.

However, there just may be some Christian protesters there that are fighting for and against having their rights being trampled over to.

Can I say these fighting Christians are wrong to be there? No! They have a right under our law to protest and even fight for their rights and right to live without being in fear. We as Christians have a right to fight for our protection and survival just as we are supposed to do.

Lets take a deeper look at the role of Christian citizenry under our Constitution. We make up the greater number of American citizen, so, the majority of our military personals claim to be Christians. Their job is to be ready to kill and destroy to protect the United States.

Those of us Christians not in the military provide the funds and support, such as bullets, guns, war planes, war boats, submarines, bombs, missiles, death rays, nuclear weapons and more funded by our taxes to these Christians troops and other type religious troops for the purpose of killing and destroying others in what ever fashion it may be to protect them and the United States.

Donald Trump, a known coward and supporter of these hate groups pretend to put out a tweet about the violence protest that took about 8 hours to respond too. The news media quickly acted like this made Donald Trump now being against hate,  his number one campaign issue. But be not deceived.

We and I should not believe anything the Republican Party voters and officers of our government say on behalf of their sudden response of caring about justice for all and especially minorities. How can Satan suddenly tell the truth after 400 years of slavery hate and lies. Lies that even now dominate the mouths and temperance of our highest office and officials starting with the president being the greatest liar.

These racist groups state, “ white lives matter” in protest against the legally organized groups of “Black Lives Matter” and taking down of Robert E, Lee Confederate statue. 

Unlike these racial groups, “Black Live Matter” protested against racism and injustice against the police and it’s policy of singling out and killing black males with out giving them the chance to defend themselves in a court of legal law.  And by acting like black lives did not matter even though white lives for the same offense were apprehended, taken to jail and let go to await trial.

Lets not be ignorant, Conservatives voted for Trumps because, yes, they were racially charged seeing “Black Live Matter and black lawyers and even Democratic officials in government come to the aid of black people in general. They were droved by hatred of “Black Live Matter” and blacks being against renegade and racist police officers whom they felt is justified to kill black with the slightest resistant or talk back. From this, they  put Trumps into office. Their Grand Wizard.

Let’s not fool ourselves when it come to Conservatives and Republican Christians as being Christians and that they condemn theses racist groups. They don’t! They voted and told you just like David Duke said, that “Trump stated, we will take our country back.”

Take the country back from whom? From you and me and all minorities in this country. Wake up people, Trump and these hate groups are what the Christian hate organizations voted for.

Trump raise sand against Korea, and even threaten to send our military to Venezuela to help those people. But the police and even Trump seem not to care about the violence in our own streets taking place at this very moment between our own people.

Like I say and will continue to say, this is a false Christian religion and practice with people playing with false pretending prayers and lies on God in a midst of over 400 years of racial hate and lies by the Church that continue to this very day.

This continued confederate hate run through the false Church  and seem to never go away, but remain glued in hearts of ever generation of Conservatives.  They continue this hate through the Church. 

Only the people can fix this.  Think about it! Read more truth at