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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Comforter vs The Holy Spirit Who are they?

                                     Weekend Finisher

There are many high educated and popular pastors and ministers around the world with degrees and Doctorate sitting before their titles (names) that cannot discern the word of God to literary save their own souls. I can't see how these pastors can think there's a chance they will be placed in leadership positions to guide future beings using their twisted thoughts and actions that birth worthless copies of themselves.

Many that teach cannot understand the "comforter" which Jesus said he would send. Many stories have been told that this is an individual it self, sent to spend time, guide and protect us.

People are believing such a thing and has quoted it throughout generations in order that people may think there is a presence from heaven sent to earth by God to babysit and make sure nothing happen to us. No such protection has ever been seen. Just imagination in one's own mind.

So people quote behind the pastor believing their really is an immortal spirit lurking about for the last 1900 years _+-. But as you see, this comforter they speak of has not saved lives nor gave physical satisfaction to no one out side of the bible.

I want to prove something that is right before your eyes about us, living in modern time. It is that the comforter pastors love to talk about is not meant for us but for disciples. Read below and get the proof. Notice in John 14:26 at the very end of this scripture that it is plainly written and seen, that the comforter was for the disciples only. No for anyone else and certainly not for us. We believe through in by what they wrote.

It read: "and bring ... continue....

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