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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Do God really wake us in the morning

                                                             Weekend Finisher

Here is a case where pastors have spent centuries filling generations of people heads with false and misleading information. You have been told that God wake us up in the morning by pastors, thus, because he or she is your pastor you believe with out thought or challenging them that this true.

Well, let me burst your bubble once more. There is no such thing. We wake by mechanisms built into us just like we go to sleep then wake. To say God wake us from sleep is to say he put us to sleep.

To put some to sleep he would have to follow different ones around, lets say, at night for them to finish night clubbing or doing sinful things or even waiting around until all of us feel very tired and then put us too sleep. Boy! How busy is God!

This doesn't make much sense, but if you believe in God waking you, then you must believe he has nothing to do but leave his Throne and follow billions of people around waiting for the very moment to snap his finger and whammo! Out like a light!

However, if he's doing such a thing it would be nice if he put some people to bed early. It certainly would cut down on crime, don't you think!

Let me make this clearer. I believe with all my heart that if God, the almighty, touched us to wake us up, there would be no way we would not be healed from his touch.

Why would God wake someone to continue suffering in sickness? Why would God wake a murderer knowing they will kill innocence people that day? Why wake a rapist knowing they will rape children or more women through out their life?

Listen, if God woke them knowing they are going to do these things, then wouldn't these people be justified in what they did since God woke them knowing what they was going do?

Do you actually think God wake ISIS terrorist to terrorize and cut off the heads of innocence people every day? Wouldn't they too be justified if God, knowingly, wake them to continue cutting people heads off and terrorizing the world.

Well, according to the way you are taught, you do.  And if you still believe God touches and wake people, then you should stop condemning what sinful people does. They have an alibi.

Church people tell some of the biggest lies ever when they stand in church and say, "God woke them this morning." Or "if God wouldn't have woke me this morning I wouldn't me here."

Then they began to tell sad stories about their life or about someone else misery. Can you believe it? God woke them in their sadness, sickness and trouble without healing or.... continue...

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