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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Israel Not guaranteed the New Jerusalem, Why Bow to Them

This is a question that is on every one’s mind or should be, because Israel is playing a big part in the coming of the New Jerusalem. The question is, will they get a free ride even after denying Christ?

It seem to me that something is wrong with how most of the world is looking at Israel as though Israel is automatically guaranteed  a place in in the New Jerusalem when it is lowered down from Heaven.

Most in the world thinks that because Jesus is an Israelite and came through the tribe of Judah, thus, fulfilling the will of God to die upon the cross by shedding his blood for our sin, now leave us with a great duty to praise and honor the people and state of Israel as though they are truly the only God chosen people.

Let me clear this up… The chosen people, the Jews, was only a short plan for God to carry out his will. He had to choose somebody.

“The chosen people are largely the Christians and any other names found written in the book of life in the end.”  These are the Chosen ones:”

and not corrupt people that think they have the right to sin and get away with it and some how God owe them something and automatically will give them salvation. Never happen!

“No one come to God except through Jesus.”

We act like God has made us the baby sitters for Israel since Christians, mostly gentiles, receive salvation through Jesus the Israelite and therefore we owe the nation something.

Well, we owe the nation nothing except,...continue ....

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