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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Does Going to Church or Temple make you a Christian

Weekend Finisher

So much need to be said about this issue of going to Church. Some where in history, people that became worshipers came to the conclusion that the Church must mast together to form a coalition with each other within a structure. Thus, Churches were built for Christians not replacing temples or synagogues and Christians moved into them making them the center point of God's holiness.

Through out modern time Churches were and still are built in groves in all kind of monumental designs. Having signs of welcome and all sort of phrases to impress the outsider etched and carved on small to very large signs hanging in front or on top of the Church to extra large paid roadside billboard signs. All advertising the greatness of them there in.

Yes, for years the Church has appeared in all kind of settings and marvelous designs, drawing large numbers of people that flood them. They enter being very quiet and polite and, oh yes, humble, giving honor to the sanctuary where they believe the Spirit of God dwell.

Pastors over centuries has embedded in Church goers that to be a Christian you or they must maintain a constant relationship with and in the Church to guarantee one's salvation. That after a week of work and partying, time must be taken out to go to Church and worship God and, of course, give thanks.

This is not the first message I've written on this subject and will not be the last. But when you see so many blind people being taken advantage of by Satan it make you feel sorry for the people and even more for uneducated pastors posing as teachers being held in the grip of Satan unwilling to break loose for money and power sake causing the destruction.

I want to take the time with this message to get you to open your mind and think once again on things that have been taught wrongly and is and will continue to be taught to people thus, leaving them thinking things are well with their soul. Blind false service loosing ground,  going up hill falling faster than the climb.

Folks are charmed by Churches and things there in while pastors welcome all into God's place of worship and Let all be silent!

What am I alluding to? It's to the misleading and twisting of the word of God as to the need for people and or Christians to go to Church to so called hear a word  from God or find God whom ...continue...

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