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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Church Revival, has it worked? NO!

                                                        Weekend Finisher

Before you get in a knot and start making faces, what I’m going to teach is all, once again, facts. I believe in proving facts. This way it leave little room for doubt, thus, giving the reader a greater sense of thought and wonder leading toward a better person for Christ to receive unto himself.

If we look at the United States alone we see that most of us have believed in a revival of the soul type Church services for centuries. Revival services have been a time, and still is, where folks spend at least a week in night service trying to make amends for their sins. ( we are not living by animal sacrifice).

I wonder why most revivals are always at night and not as many in the day time. I guess we don’t need it as much. Maybe because it interfere with our special life styles and of course, making that money.

So, I presume our sins can wait until around 7pm. Then it’s on like white on rice. On like Donkey Kong. Change me baby if you can. You got one weeks to make it happen or you lose again!

Let’s talk about revivals for a few. Many pastors believe in their hearts this is a good program to push on people. That over a period of time people need reviving. And holding revival meeting nights will certainly purge them of their sins. (no enduring to the end here)

While this sound like a good idea, it is always a good idea to know where this come from in the bible. I’ve searched  and found one a few verses but I’m not going to share them with you right now. Let me give you some history then I will speak some more on revivals.

Did you know that the first revival was started by white protestants in the1740’s and 1750’s. Protestants thought this was a good idea because it would spread love and rebuild lives in the people.

They figured the people were not loving and carrying as they should be. Revival of the soul would take away all the anger, hate and bad sins that over took the wonderful people at that time.

Though this was thought of and executed by some slick pastor or flock member, I have a problem....continue.....

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