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Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekend Finisher

Farewell to Former President Nelson Mandela and Shame on America

We morn the death of the first black South African President, Nelson Mandela, who blazed a trail for equal rights and opportunity between blacks and whites and manage through many obstacles make his dream come true for the nation of South Africa and the viewing world.
He died on Thursday night Nov. 5th at 8:PM at the age of 95. The world owe him a lot as a peace maker and activist as a freedom fighter for all people. He will be missed and our condolences to his family and friends.
As a minister I cannot forget my place as my allegiance is to God and the truth as I see it. The United States at this time is in a morning state whereas half the nation opposed the freedom and turn deaf ears to brutality handed out by the South African's regime.
This black mark of US racist do nothing fell upon the Administration of President Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party for not denounce the hateful acts during Apartheid but supported the brutality handed out by white South Africans toward and on black South Africans.
Even today after much freedom has been gained in South Africa, the United Stated which, was pretending at that time to be leaders in the free world of civil rights and freedom find itself still bound in deep racial discrimination and deep division within itself today.
Half our nation, being mostly the Republican Party, still have great hate for blacks and minorities and fight tooth and nail to prevent them from having equal rights whether in jobs or basic life needs.
On the issue of Mandela, a lot of political backers of Apartheid in the Republican Party are still in office in our nation and just like the hate of the past this same hate is still there but translated into false faces, trickery and new laws that slowly cut the life line of those they don't like.
While condolences are given from leaders and friends alike from around the world the Republican Party remain silence. Their evil is so deep that even if one decided to speak nice of Mandela it is not to be believe. It's what you do that make a different and not what one just say.
We know that Obama has been called every thing but a child of God by the Republicans from the birtha issues to the many degrading pictures we find on the web.
We also know that Martin Luther King nor Mandela has said anything to deter Confederates wanna be's or white supremacist from flourishing . Or gun lovers and racist militias from ...continue.....

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