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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekend Finisher
The Church lies about Lottery Tickets and Gambling
Many Church folks are confused about and very hesitant to buy a lottery ticket. They say it's a sin to gamble. I'm going to the Bible to disprove those that say this, so I'll just say they are wrong.
There is nothing in the bible I've see that say buying lottery tickets or even gambling will keep your heart away from the love of Jesus and God the Father. Just go to the Bible and read about the temple when Jesus turned over the tables. It was not about their gambling but how and where they were doing it. Greed in the temple. Slick willies using God as a mean to steal from others.
To understand what's right or wrong one first must understand sin. Sin is always related to evil desires, emotions, evil habits, pride, lust, anger, hate, spite, murder, thief, lying, fornication, adultery, evil deed and etc. Things that dishonor the character of God. The absent of love.
Buying a lottery ticket and taken a chance on winning is not sinning because no one can find sin in it. Ministers seem to think they are doing something great when they tell people it's wrong to gamble but Ok to steal from the Church and people.
But I say show me the sin in it. If a person can afford to buy a ticket that's their right. It's his money and no one has the right to tell another what to spend their money on. Except illegal stuff.
Now if that person is not taking care of his or her family to includes paying the bills because their money is wasted on lottery tickets then that person is sinning because if they cannot take care of their family they cannot be trusted with the things of God. You are sinning because so many depend on you for food and shelter and you wasted it.
I know there are some smart sister or brother or some unlearned minister or pastor out there that will question what I say so let me put you in order. People do a lot of talking about some one else's so-called sin so let's take a look at your self.
For example: Why are so many pastors fat and.... continue.....

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