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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Finisher
The Ultimate
The Day of Enlightening and Eye Contact
(Ephesians 1:18 ) “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling,
The scripture above has been cut short because I only want to deal with this part. If you want to read the entire verse 18 an 19 go to my home page and toggle down.

I want to deal with enlightenment. This is a word that is just about the most important word next to staying saved. There are a few lunatics out there that consider "once saved always saved" no matter how many small children they murder" they're still saved.

But I do agree with them that once saved you stay in the good grace of the Lord to remain saved. If you are truly saved then you will always be saved because you will have no desire to do wrong. Now take that!  But wait! This is not altogether true.

There are those that are babes or know just enough to be dangerous to themselves. These are those that will not study, no every thing, twist the word of God to continue their sins while believing in God and Jesus. They figure as long as they go to Church this is enough to call  themselves saved. ,,, No, no, no, hands up before your face! I don't think so. Get back jack. See you later alligator.

You can't continue to sin against God and think him a fool just because he is a forgiving God......
This means not acting like a fool and doing any and every thing secular people does thinking if you rape the neighbor's dog it's ok or if you provided the guns to murder sweet old ladies that's ok too because you told yourself "you" still love God because "you" said "you" was saved.

Well, it is "you" saying it and not God, and God has already decided that "Only the righteous shall see God" "not sinners." (Proverbs 21:21 NKJV) He who follows righteousness and mercy Finds life, righteousness and honor. Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Do I have to explain this too? Enough said. .......Continue


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