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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mitt Romney lies, Yet, Republican Christian still back him

You know, I'm still perplexed how after the last debate Republican and conservative so-called Christians are still backing Mitt Romney after hearing clear indication of him being a type of Satan or an out right liar.

Being a minister my self I am taught to rebuke liars not mingle with or condom a pathological liar as Mitt Romney has proved to be. The other thing I find confusing is that nearly if not all Republican ministers know Mitt Romney is lying but still back him as the right man for the job or President of the United States.

I just want you to see that these are the same ministers you watch on TV and pastor very large Churches who get on the pulpits every Sunday and attempt to teach one how to love God. How can they teach anybody about how to behave or how one's character and attitudes must change or one must put away sins and make a commitment to follow the word of God to be called a Christian if they cannot follow or believe in what they teach themselves.

One of the biggest sins of them all is a liar and a coconspirators to a lie. A liar is no good to God what so ever. There is nothing a liar can do for God other than destroy and distort his words. This is what Republican ministers are doing. They have no business behind the pulpit proclaiming the works of God but promoting the works of Satan even more.

Just Imagine the damage they are doing to childrens. They are teaching them how to lie and how to hate. How when you can't get your way it is alright to lie your way in. This is what Republican ministers teach. They feel it is alright to lie in the name of God. They do it by finding one things they think fit their concern then stay with it and teach that it is what God want, to weak minds, and they all become followers of the same lie.

Now I have a question for those who follow them. Do you have a conscience? Do you have a Christian spirit indwelled in you? Do you need the pastor to Guide you or do you need God? Why can't you tell the different between right and wrong? Why can't you, with the spirit of God, recognized the different between a lie and truth? Will you let your relationship with your pastor cause you to become defiled and miss out on your salvation? And last, you must learn to walk along.

Romney has proven to be a liar and a twister of the truth and yes he is deem ok and fit to rule by Republican pastors and their flocks. Pastors flock see no wrong and is following them like a duck toward hell. Their actions are why I find the need to question what religion they're in. A need to reach out and exposed their actions against God.  Or should I say, using God to push their agenda of robbery of the people in the name of God.
No liars shall enter the Kingdom of God. No matter how great they seem to be in this world. Think about it..

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