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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tea Party and so-called Christian Republicans now hate the Constitution

Weekend Finisher

When I heard the news that ObamaCare was upheld by the high courts I was elated. The Constitution was finally upheld once again as doing what's right for all the people.

But It didn't take long before the "I love my Constitution" " we live by the Constitution", "Our Constitutional rights are being violated, "we must live by the Constitution's"  so-called lovers of the Constitutional nut balls like the Tea Party and twisted so-called Christian Republicans quickly come out and turn on their ever loving Constitution they so loved.

They are furious that the Constitution would do such a thing. It ruled fair. But it shouldn't. Besides, the Tea Party so-called Christians know best how the Supreme Court should have ruled. They was told by their God that ObamaCare would be thrown out because they spent countless nights at Church praying for it and God is on their side.

They should see, not only are they wrong, but their own God ruled against them. He went for ObamaCare! :Way to go big guy!

Now these cronies don't really believe the Constitution was fair. The Tea Party is already campaigning on how the Supreme Court could levy taxes on the people. They are even calling Judge Roberts a deserter from the party.

Unless the Tea Party and other Republicans are in total control then they are against anything and anyone. In this case, the good Ole Constitution which they now. after putting so much personal trust in, have became the new enemy. Now it's "Obamatution!" They plan to Repeal Obamatution if they can win the White House. I told you they was twisted.

Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican, was the swing voter upholding the legality of ObamaCare but called it a tax. Most are gracing him as a conservative that turned on the party. Hurrayyyy!
But wait! Did he really or did he vote the way he did because he thought it fair or was he thinking before head and doing something that he knew would cause problem for Obama in this election year. Taxes! American fear taxes.

By calling it a tax it struck at the core of poor people, those who want free rides by declaring them to pay higher taxes if not insured by 2014. Roberts knew this was a platform the Republican would quickly jump on and blow it out of the water  A HIGHER TAXES  as we see them doing. 
Unlike hypocritical so-called Republican Christians, I think taxing those who do not have insurance is correct. Most can afford insurance and ObamaCare helps those with little money to buy insurance.
Many say,  "what about those who cannot afford to pay anything". Poppy Cocks! If you can buy expensive cars, jewelry, shoes or tennis shoes, drugs, liquor and cigarettes, expensive hair doos and wigs, expensive clothing's, and partying then you can pay for insurance. Those who do not buy insurance are free loading on the rest of us.

Republicans are saying people shouldn't be made to buy insurance by the government. Well, State is government. We are made to pay property taxes or get your property taken away. We are made to buy drivers license, buy car insurance. We are even made to pay taxes on our food of any kind or not get it. I see paying for medical insurance and these i've mention on the same level.

So-called Christian conservatives do not care about the poor and their health. The m
ore die the better for them not having to put their money on them. Republicans pretend they care about the economy and high cost. This is not the true facts. It's their money they are worrying about.
People are dying and suffering and all So-called Christian Republicans worry about is that it costs too much to keep poor people alive. What God is this they serve. The God "Furina", the Goddess of thieves......

Let me eject this. Lunatic Congress and House Republicans said Obama wasted his time on ObamaCare and did nothing for the economy. But wait! Republicans are spending more time on it than Obama, as you see, they promise to carry this over into 2013 if Mick Romney wins. What about the economy?  They care nothing about the economy. It's getting their way.

It's a fact! Mick Romney cannot repeal ObamaCare. It must go to a vote that he will never get. He's making a fool out of sick hateful deranged Republicans.

Long live "ObamaCare"!!! You think about it!

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