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Friday, February 24, 2012

Franklin Graham has come out challenging the religion of Obama

Frank Graham is another so-called lying twisting Republican Christian from North Carolina. He
is the son of the famous Billy Graham who made his fortune off the backs of poor people.
Following in his foot steps is his son, Franklin Graham, who has adopted the same habits of his father of “taking  from the poor and given to the rich” and turning out nothing but haters.

Franklin Graham has come out challenging the religion of Obama not being a Christian but a
Muslim. This is the same thing the “burthers” believe. (Obama not born in  America) . Franklin
Graham is one of those stupid so called Christians who believe the rich should benefit off the backs of the poor. I can say this because this is what most Republican believe. Every thing you hate about the Republican party you can transfer that hate back to Franklin Graham and his father.

Who is this guy who claim he know about God and what God want for all men. What world is he living in or what bible did he get his theology of twisted belief from. Certainly not the “Holy
Bible” because I read the Holy Bible and it tell me to look out for the poor and more than that it
tell me not to “lie”.  Franklin Graham is a ball face liar when he insinuate, under tongue and lies hidden within him,  that Obama might be a Muslim, not a Christian and even catering to Muslims overseas because they attack Christians. How stupid!  Obama cannot control what goes on in other countries. This guy is nuts.

In response to a question posed to him on CNN Wednesday, he was asked what he mean about  Obama was not a Christian?  He stated, after hesitating and stuttering that,  “Mr. Obama is a fine man”. “Who could one say is a Christian or not”. Liar!  Well Mr. Graham I’m saying you are not a Christian and I’m proving it. Read on.

This clown is becoming boastful on TV appearances as he uses his status in the religious world to ignite the so-called Christian right against Obama. Just because one say he or she is a Christian don’t mean it so just because he say it. One must show it. The basic for Christianity is Love. The other is obedience to entire word of God. I don’t see, according to the bible how this apply to Franklin Graham and his followers if they feel they don’t need to love every body. To be sensitive to the needs of poor.

Graham talks about abortion and the killing of Christian around the world.  He state that he cannot stand before God and say he supported abortion. You don’t have to worry about that Mr Graham, you want be there but for a little while any way. And if Christians would be Christians then I don’t think Muslim would be wanting to kill them so much.

Once again the key is love and how you show it. You can't force anybody to do anything they don't want too. The bible didn't tell us to do that. It say, " For who so ever will, let them come". The key is "LET THEM COME". You just tell the word of God to them if they will listen. If they say no then leave them along and go some where else. Daaaaaa!

The bible said to "compel them". To suggest why at the time you meet them. Dogging some one will get wrong responses every time, not to mention, "death" in this case. Daaaa again!
Franklin Graham, being in a party who’s back ground is mingled with the KKK and still today
contain most of the race haters than any other party, show just how much God he has since they all vote and believe in the same thing. NONE!  This include the so-called Republican Christian right and any other party or individuals who believe the same as conservatives does.

As one can see, Graham fail to comprehend his own religion. He has spent years preaching to his followers but fail to teach them one thing, “LOVE”. That love, Mr. Graham include Muslims and immigrants. The bible say Graham and people like him are "Forever preaching and teaching but never coming to the understanding of the truth".

Maybe someone should point him and other ministers to read my two web sites. and

I personally think if Mr. Graham cannot differentiate between love, charity, hope, poor, those that are down trotting and the rich he should find another religion to get into. Like, witchcraft!
Now look at what we have on the “Right”!. A bunch of liars! You think about it!

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