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Saturday, January 28, 2012

So-called Christian Republicans are confused on who God told them to vote for. "They said." Uh! DAaa!

Weekend Finisher

As time move ahead so-called Christian Republicans are proving me more right about them as liars and twisters of truth. For some reason you would think by now  they would have a handle on knowing the Bible and the word.

I listen at the Republican politicians, who all confess to being Christians, lie and twist the truth about Obama record as not doing anything for the country but to bring it down. As you know as well as me, that this is a big lie on their part. All we have to do is pay attention to what was and what is now to prove them wrong. No need to go into details. We are better off. Period!

In pinpointing the Republican Church, they as a whole, back the lies of their politicians. So, from this, what does it say for the Republican Church. It say that this group of so-called Christians shouldn't be attempting to spread their own personal form of love in the name of Jesus Christ. I recommend any one who want a relationship with Jesus to join a Democratic Church or find a true Christian brother with Democratic and liberal views to teach them the truth.

Republicans kind of religion are no different than the Mormonism religion they're standing against. They are so confused until they no longer know the different between saved and unsaved. So, let me explain it to them and anybody else that's confused.

Here it is. Are your ready for it. "The wages of sin is death!"  Since God hate a liar and false religions this put both organization on the same ( pardon my expression) "hot seat."  (I had to chuckle on that). Yo know.!!

Listen! One cannot talk about the other. Both are going to hell but they argue who get to be dumped in the deepest part. They both are on equal footing standing on a banana peel slipping and sliding ever so close into the abyss and will disappeare from the promise saved unless they reach out and accept the values and be retaught by caring Christian Democrats that know the truth. 
However, not all Democrats claiming to be Christians are Christians either. Many are so-called Christians, with common sense to know secular right and wrong, love and caring but like Republicans, will not fully submit to the "Word".

Yet, they stand a better chance of reforming themselves than Republicans because they are Democrats and surrounded by Christian Democrats so at which time they are ready to come in from the storm they know they will be taught the truth. Just don't wait too long and get caught up in the storm. (the world ways).

However again, the truth can only be taught by those who "know the truth", "the whole truth" and "nothing but the truth."  Salvation to Republican Churches. Confusion is of the Devil. Think about it!

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