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Friday, December 9, 2011

What does Herman Cain and Pastor Bishop Eddie Long have in common? They are both creeps.

Let's start with Herman Cain the mouthy spiritual low down Republican wanta be president who live a life of lies and deceit. A man who wanted to run this country and yes, run after women too. I liar that couldn't be trusted.

How can Republicans still like this man?. Oh yea! "It take one to love one" because all  have plans to "stick it" to the country if and when they get the chance.

I knew Herman Cain was guilty when the case first broke of him committing adultery. Guilt was writing all over his face. I also knew that some one with a genuine tale of truth would soon come forth. They all ways do. Wa-la! He's caught.

Now he will never get a position worth much of anything because he is known now as a liar. Well they still could stick him as vice president in hopes of stilling brack votes that will never happen. But still, this creep has the nerve to say "he's at peace with his god". I wonder who that "god" is. The only god I know that likes what he's done is "SATAN".

His wife couldn't stand the embarrassment and his children is probably scared to show their faces in school. It's pitiful. If he and Eddid Long would only practice what they preach their family's would not be going through the embarrassment.. And speaking of Eddie Long..........

Pastor, Pastor, Pastor Bishop Eddie Long is worse that Herman Cain by ten folds. He is an all and all out liar, deceiver and blasphemer using the word of God to take or have sex with other boys or men's. This guy or should I say, this "super creep" had the audacity to stand in front of God pretending to be a servant of his and perform his filthy acts in front of his face. Now this gay pastor really got some nerves.

But the worse thing about Eddie Long is that his flock is just as sick as he is. They actually praise this man in his filthy deeds.  As the creep stand before his congregation and say he has to take some time off to take care of family business, these wolves were standing, cheering and clapping. They should have been full of sorrow, but not this group of people. I wonder if there is a lot more Eddie Long's in that congregation..... As Sarah Palin puts it. "I betcha"!

The only one it seem that has good since in this whole church name Lithonia just outside Atlanta Ga. is his wife Vanessa Long, who was heart broken enough to seek a divorce, I hope, and tell this creep to "so long" and go "stick it where the sun don't shine". No, she shouldn't tell him that. He just might take it literal.

What sickens me is that there are millions of pastors and ministers and loud mouth individuals spurting God out their mouths while taken advantage of people, their flocks and living double lives behind their spouses back. I'm not just talking about men but sneaky woman's and pastors alike.
My wife just notified me she finish cooking chicken and beans, so I got to end this. Gotta eat now before I become sick on the stomach and can't ea.  But I leave you with this........

Herman Cain "999" got flip to "666" and Eddie Long's small "god" has gone to the "dog" God spelled backard is "dog". I was very harshly told this by a militant Muslim. Needless to say, we quickly parted friends. There are many small "gods" to worship. But you "Think about it"!

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