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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann and the big Obama lie. How she plans to win.

Bachmann (R-MN) told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly Monday August 10, one of the biggest straight face lies I ever heard.

Naturally she is a typical liar of the so-called Christian Conservative Tea Party making a run for the White House (they all claim to be Christian). Below is a clip I was able to obtain where she do what conservatives do best and that's tell a good believable lie to those that will believe any thing. Conservative!

Michele Bachmann is delirious. She want us to believe Obama is shafting the poor on medicare behind close doors with all people," her!" This Tea Party nit-wit is a Sara Palin wanta be that seem to be sniffing on some thing that's affecting her judgement.

Take a look at her if you can and determine if she is playing with a full deck.

Republican candidates will say and do any thing to win. Any one who lie like they do does not deserve to be the head of a country like ours. We can't trust them.

She made a statement Saturday August 13, that the "Tea Party is the best thing that could happen". She was talking about themselves. "Rich and wealthy so-called Christians Republicans.

Speaking of separation of Church and State, the Tea Party is "separation of rich and poor".
Stay with my site through 2012 and lets make sure we vote Obama back in office. No matter house bad it is a Republican as president will make it even worst.

Think about it!

So-called Christian conservative need to be saved. Liberals Christians you have your hands full right here at home. Go get em'.

Bishop Ward
Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann and the big Obama lie. How she plans to win.

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