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The Poor Party Movement (PPM) supports the Democratic Party and the government to look out for our interest. We are the poor from every class of people who the rich speaks for. But now we speak for our selves instead of someone else pretending they know what's right for us or how we feel.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Why are Republicans candidates and Congress so afraid of Obama?  By Bishop Ward

One thing that trouble Republicans about Obama is that he is so favored by poor and middle class working people when it come to who's more likely to have their interest in mind.

The very issues like Healthcare, Medicare and Social Security are the things most people do not want bothered that they know that if Republicans get the chance they will make deep cuts, not moderate cuts, but deep cuts in these programs which already are not paying enough benefits to meet most recipients needs.

Republicans also know that most people want the rich to pay their fair share of taxes like the very poor does Trying to protect the rich has got them caught up in a Tea Party scanerio they find hard to get out of.

Republican Candidate(s)  and congress know that these issues favors Obama, but even though they know Obama is right must go against him or face threats of being voted out of office by the Tea Party who's pulling their string. No matter how bad jobs may be according to polls, most people prefer the Democrats to be in charge than Republicans.

The one big issue that trouble Republicans as a whole are that none of their  candidates or candidate can out speak Obama on truth issues that most voters agree with him on. The poor feel that Republicans have already shown what they will do to hurt the poor and no matter what they say about helping the poor is falling on deft ears.

They are out to find some way to bring him down even if it take lies to do it. They really don't want to face Obama going into 2012 with the majority of the nation squarely behind him. Only the Tea Party, a small share of Independents and hard core Republicans are the ones Republican candidate are depending on, which is not enough to get them elected.

This kind of non-support is troublesome to Republicans coming close to 2012 although they pretend not to be running scared. They are going through every one in the Republican Party looking for some one that may stand a chance against Obama. Whoever is chosen will find It hard to fool voters into voting against themselves when Republican candidates have so soon exposed their desire to take from the poor and Robin Hood the rich.

The debt ceiling is another issue. Congress want their plans to be accepted but poor people know what they have in mind for us. The Tea Party, lead by Judson Phillips, an un-Americans, want the United States to default on our debts hoping to make Obama look bad coming into 2012 as the first President to ever default on America's obligations. 1933 don't count.

Poor people keep in mind that the ones getting hurt here is poor people. Not Republican Congressmans or rich people. But us! It's always us! Why shouldn't the rich pay their fair share to live in the United States like the rest of us. it;s only fair.

Think about it!

Christian Conservatives need to repent!
A minister for all people.
Bishop Ward

Why are Republicans candidates and Congress so afraid of Obama?

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