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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craze Tea Party want let Obama birth go.

Craze Tea Party want let Obama birth go. Why is the question most Democrats ask? Now in Arizona there is
Legislation being looked at that would require proof of U.S. birth from presidential candidates is running side by side in Arizona with the question of whether U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are entitled to automatic citizenship.
This legislation is being pushed by the Tea Party for a propose legislation that require a presidential candidate to prove his birth where there parents were born.
Arizona Senate committee on Wednesday endorsed the bill after deleting the provision on citizenship of a candidate's parents, but it remains in a version approved Tuesday by a House panel.
Obama's birth certificate became an issue during his election. Hawaii officials say Obama has a birth certificate in that state, but "birthers" have demanded additional proof, asserting that Obama could have been born in his father's home country, Kenya. Obama's mother was an American citizen.
Do you see why we cannot let these craze people back into the White House. They are all about division not trying to bring the country together.
Obama's term is nearly up and he's running for another term. The possibility of him winning is driving them crazy. They have nothing to run on so they attempt to stir up the haters hoping to get enough votes to win the coming 2012 election.

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